on a naughty streak  

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3/3/2017 4:45 am

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on a naughty streak

I think I am on a naughty streak these last few days. I have been installing carpet tiles in a big building with no one around. so I have been wearing a plug while naked and working. I have been wearing different ones through the day. I wore a progasm one morning all morning. of course before I left for lunch I just had to cum. I had a hands free orgasm from the progasm. it was so incredible. it is not like a regular orgasm, I didn't "cum" all over. it was inside me...inside my ass. what an experience. my whole body was convulsing inside. simply beautiful is all I can say.
then the afternoon I got to wear my fox tail plug around. I love the feeling of that inside me and the fur caressing my legs as I move around working...just love it.
more plugs yesterday. again with the progasm. this time before lunch I put a small bullet vibe in me and replaced the progasm inside. this was the most intense thing I have ever experienced. I had an orgasm that lasted for a couple minutes. there were tears running from my eyes. my body was shaking. while experiencing this I had to touch myself. I lubed up and played while this was happening. then I came. it shot clear up over my head as I lay there. never have I ever felt or even imagined anything like this.
then again all afternoon I got to wear my fox tail...
what an incredible couple days...

author51 56F
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3/6/2017 1:14 am

Definitely a naughty man...Mmmmm that sounds incredibly hot.....

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

1tongue4yall replies on 3/6/2017 5:01 am:
it was very hot and incredibly good

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