Mr. Dick,  

2bused4urnut 49F
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8/19/2019 10:07 pm
Mr. Dick,

Yes, you, so many sweet beautiful white cocks here in Meelp land. You see me at the store, movies, just walking or wherever. Why don't you say ", is Joe " give me a smile and knows where it will go from there. I know you don't want get shot down but, just a "" won't be hard. I would love meet a man that way. The idea that he had the desire speak would make me smile. You don't have be like a pervert just be nice.

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8/19/2019 11:32 pm

fashionablegma 76F
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8/19/2019 11:37 pm

Oh do love it when guys come up to me and introduce themselves

sphxdiver 69M  
20559 posts
8/19/2019 11:52 pm

Kind of a lost art, these days, everyone is on line looking, or at least it sure seems that way.

cummlips69 61M
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8/20/2019 2:48 am

ya so hard to casualy meet. all online stuff seems like

Armyguy678 39M  
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8/20/2019 3:20 am

That is all but gone now. With the internet, social media and such. You can be who ever you one online.

welshmatt80 42M  
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8/20/2019 3:46 am

Yes i agree a lost art nowadays with so many apps now on peoples phone people tend to use these now to meet people.

Allhard4u50 57M
393 posts
8/20/2019 5:55 am

Yes, the old fashion way to would be nice and hopefully fulfilling....

DevilDancing5 40M
19 posts
8/20/2019 6:38 am

I wish I would run across someone as sexy as you... I'd say hello in a second

DevilDancing5 40M
19 posts
8/20/2019 6:39 am

You're gorgeous

s2ndegree 60M  
9278 posts
8/20/2019 3:18 pm

Sadly, we've moved away from real life and now reside on the internet.
No one is compelled anymore to really say much without knowing someone's intentions,history,interests some have to have numbers and the
rest just assume..With so many following internet etiquette in real life
they're not anti social but perhaps just more insecure!

Using more than all the road!

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