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10, 15 maybe 20 minutes...
Posted:Jun 1, 2020 5:02 am
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2020 3:24 am

...of your time is what I'm looking for. I don't want a relationship, I don't want you to care about me. My life is happy and settled, all except for my sexual needs. I don't masterbate because even though it takes the edge off of the need it leaves me needing more. It would be great to find a man that wants nothing more from me than the 3 or so times a week to use my pussy. No loving, no kissing, he just bends me over and and puts his dick in my pussy. Imagine if you will, your very own special pussy. Why is it special? Simple, with this pussy there is not one concern about her. It's all about you, you fuck it exactly the way you want. No cares no worries if you want to just wham bam thank you ma'am or take your time. Soft,hard, slow, fast,deep, grind or jackhammer. Maybe you feel the need to talk nasty, grunt or moan. You don't about her, only about her pussy. Remember it's all about you, to satisfy my desire all you have to do is to enjoy yourself. I desire to have a well used pussy, I believe it will be amazing to go about my normal life with no one knowing I have a tingly well used pussy under my clothes from your regular use. And yes, I need this to be our little secret because I am such a nice normal sane person. I want my secret to include bare back for you to do the ultimate naughty and keep me filled with your jizz. So good, so good.
Looking for that BWC pt.2
Posted:May 20, 2020 3:30 am
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2020 3:24 am

... he bites my neck as he slides his dick in one smooth, quick, deep stroke all the way inside my cunt, balls deep. I start squirming "stop moving slut" I try to do as he says, it feels so good with him pressing against my back totally filling .. He says "yes, yes thats it you dirty fuck , massage my dick". I beg him please please I need more please. He tells shut up right now he is only hard and that I need work those cunt muscles and turn his dick steel. My pussy is pulsing greedily get his cock even deeper inside of . I can't believe it but his cock is getting bigger and harder. It feels so good so very good... he pulls his cock out and grabs my tits hard "bitch don't you dare cum, do you understand ". I whimper and nod my head. I feel that amazing cock go back in my pussy but this time he is working it. Giving me what I need in and out balls deep each stroke " here it comes slut , FUCK YESSSSSS" He catches his breath steps back ,I hear him zip up then he leaves and shuts the door. I collapse on the floor and touch my pussy and with the tender tingly clit and almost immediately I have a wild orgasm . Given by a man I have never seen.
Looking for that BWC
Posted:May 17, 2020 11:50 am
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2020 3:24 am

Cooped up for weeks and I see the casinos have finally opened. I take my time dressing n untcothing fancy just simple a touch of perfume and I'm on my way. I find my favorite slot I begin playing. I feel a body behind me.. I start to turn around to say "social distancing, step away" his hands grab my shoulders to stop me from turning. His body presses in closer. He starts a slow grind on my back. I feel his cock growing. His hands loosen and slide around to cup my tits his thumbs flicking my nipples. I lean back savoring the wonderful exciting feelings coursing through my body. Suddenly he slides something into my bra I turn around and he is gone. I look at what he gave me, it's a room key with the room number on it. Should I go? I am so wet so tingly... it takes me 20 minutes to get up the courage to go to that room. I open the door, there is a note on the wall "shut the door and place your nose on this note". It seems like I am standing there forever then I hear him tell me to take off my clothes but remain facing the waMG . I do as he said. I feel him close behind me he is breathing hard he says "I knew you were a just waiting for me to fuck you " he touches every part of my body. Making me keep my hands on the wall. He grabs my tits manhandling them almost giving me pain it is making my pussy wet and ready. He pull my legs further away from the walland slides his dick back and forth between my pussy lips, I can't stand it. He tells me how much his dick loves a sluts greedy cunt. But he doesn't think he's going to give me the cock ,he's just going to send me away wet, unsatisfied,, I am whimpering I can barely speak I just keep say please, please. He bites my neck and at the same time I feel his dick enter my cunt
Glorious to fantasize about..
Posted:Apr 27, 2020 1:11 pm
Last Updated:Apr 30, 2020 12:43 am

Too bad it is scary. To meet a stranger no idle chatting, he just leads me to his couch, bends me over, throws up my skirt and the pussy is his. How exciting to hear his nasty dirty words then to feel his first touch, grab, or rub. To feel him spread my lips. His cock has barely toched as I feel the tingling it is creating. My mind wonders how will he give it to me? Will it be slow so he can close his eyes and concentrate on the feeling of each lil millimeter slding in. Maybe he will go in balls deep in one fast push then hold it there by gripping my hips. All I know is that I am in heaven listening to him talk, grunt, as he works himself to a wild magnificent orgasm. The most wonderful part is that I get to just relax and enjoy feel every little bit of what his body does. The idea of a man knowing the pussy is his and from the moment he throws up the skirt he can use the pussy however he wants excites me more then you can imagine.
Yes, it would be amazing
Posted:Apr 7, 2020 3:30 am
Last Updated:Apr 13, 2020 9:25 pm

A strong hot cocky white boy with a rock hard dick that loves to be in a pussy. He doesn't care about the woman attached to the pussy he only cares about getting his. He is happy with the pussy because he knows he owns it. That pussy is all about being there for him. He fucks it the way he wants it just like he bought a fleshlight and he's all alone using it to get himself off. He talks nasty he grunts and groans while he works himself to a powerful orgasm.
I so want to be this for one white man, he calls and I come running. I dream of him all up in my pussy. With me just laying there enjoying that I can feel all that he does. He sends me home and I get to enjoy touching my tender cunt playing in the amazing gift you gave me.
How do I find the man who can give me what I need?
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My personal desire...
Posted:Mar 20, 2020 3:18 am
Last Updated:Apr 7, 2020 3:07 am

Will probably never be fulfilled, how sad is that? It's such a simple desire:
1. White man
Why? Maybe because all the porn makes it look so inviting.

2. Beautiful dick
Seeing those dicks, rock hard and eager is exciting as hell

3. My black pussy
Is so unused and has only had loving, gentle sex.

I love watching the porn when the man is so uncaring about the woman, it's all about him and his dick. He's actually a bit of an asshole, he doesn't care if she is enjoying herself or not. He just gets all up in that pussy and uses it to make his whole body sing until he hits that final note forcing his seed all the way up in there marking that pussy as his.
I desire to find this man, I want him to fuck my pussy 3 or more times a week. This way I can walk around in my normal sane life, no one knowing I have a tingly, well used pussy. Often throughout the day I would touch my pussy and have wonderful erotic thoughts of what he gave to my pussy.
Ahhh, to be a white mans dirty, naughty, personal secret !
Am I crazy?
Posted:Feb 19, 2020 10:14 pm
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2020 5:12 pm

First off I am a fat old black ladyone who has always done right, never been trashy or slutty. So, tell am I crazy for wanting a white man? Okay so it's not as simple as just that.
I want him to use his beautiful white cock to beat my pussy up. First he bends over a couch or table or he puts down on my hands and knees or maybe lays facedown on his bed. I want him very eager because he knows the black pussy is there for whatever his cock needs. At first his hands are shaking as he rubs my ass then he slides his fingers to the pussy and feels that it is dripping with desire for his cock. He puts the tip of his cock at the opening and slowly slides it in. He slides it back he grabs my hips and pushes his cock in as far as he can. He stands there grinding his hips enjoying the pussy, he can tell the pussy is loving his cock. He is making nonsensical sounds as he goes in and of the pussy. All of the sudden he yells "fuck, damn I'm fucking this pussy " he moans and groans "bitch I'm going to own this cunt" he goes it fast and hard. I feel his hard white cock hitting my uterus. "My slut, my cunt, now slut here it is" he yells loud as his body tenses and his cock throbs and pulses every thing that was in his balls and I feel every splash against the furthest part of my womb.
No, I'm not crazy but I do need this. The idea of having a white man use this way for his satisfaction is what I desire . And I believe 3 or 4 weeks of this being given to a time or two each week would be fantastic. I would go home lay in bed and touch myself and during the as I go about my normal life with no one knowing about my tingly happy pussy.
My true fantasy...
Posted:Dec 20, 2019 2:37 am
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2020 5:12 pm

I knock on your door, you open it fully dressed and pull me in. You stand behind me, grab the remote and turn on your hottest porn. You around grab my tits and start dru humping my ass. Soon you bend me over, throw up my skirt, still watching your porn. Your hands grab my ass still humping me, you unzip your pants pull your cock. You finger my pussy amazed how wet and ready it is. Without preamble you push your cock in, and it's so much better than just watching your porn and using you hand. You use that fat black cunt exactly like you want to no holds bared, it's yours and not only is your cock happy getting what it needs but you also know you are giving that pussy what it needs. And here it comes your heart is racing, you yell out as your orgasm bursts looseand you push in as deep as you can filling that pussy up. ........ I so want and need to find this man.
Christmas Wish
Posted:Dec 16, 2019 10:58 pm
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2020 3:24 am

Please give a BWC
For too long I have been a very good , don't you think it's time for me to be naughty? I know there are many unhappy big beautiful white cocks there that aren't used and appreciated. They shouldn't be jerked off, they should have a nice , wet pussy to get all up in there. There shouldn't be any waste to be rinsed off. It should be put where it belongs. A man's cock should be able to be free to enjoy the pussy in any manner that makes it happy. The man should feel free to use the pussy as he desires, no loving caring just plain old fucking, dick in pussy. He should be able to talk nasty, to the pussy, it what it is, his black cunt.
So please Santa, give a big white cock.
Glorious to fantasize about..
Posted:Nov 17, 2019 11:55 pm
Last Updated:Nov 28, 2019 1:40 am

Spectacular if it was more then just a fantasy. I so want that BWC, i need be bent over, skirt thrown up and then have that white man standing behind . his cock rock hard and needy. He grabs hold of assas he rubs his dick around cunt making his cock even harder. He says "oh , I'm going get all up into this juicy wet black cunt" soon I feel his grip tighten as he pulls back and pushes his hips forward saying "yes, the cunt loves cock", working it now " owns this pussy ", "'s your bitch" ... I stay quiet... he fucks harder and deeper slapping ass "say it slut, you love white cock in your black cunt" "you want white seed in you" say it slut or I pull "... yes please , please... you yell and buck as you let go of your wild, powerful orgasm.... you on top of catch your breath you move off , I straighten skirt and say "thank you " as I head the door...
Yes, I need something similar this
Have you ever....?
Posted:Nov 15, 2019 3:05 am
Last Updated:Nov 28, 2019 1:39 am

Fantasized about having a mind blowing orgasm brought about by you just relaxing and being totally free with your nasty naughty cock? No cares, no worries it's all about you, you getting yours. The pussy is in front of you, positioned in a manner to give you complete access. No games, no sweet talk, your cock is hard and it needs pussy. So you without preamble just push it all the way in. Not only do you know your dick can do anything you want in the pussy but, you are also free to talk as nasy as you've only thought about always holding it in so your girlfriend doesn't think you a fool. You grunt and moan you just totally get into enjoying the pussy.
Well, guess what, I want to feel that. I need to be bent over where I can just relax and concentrate on feeling every little thing your cock does. I want to feel your hands grabbing hold of my hips maybe even some slaps on my ass. The sliding in and out, the pulsing and throbbing of your cock and most of all I want to feel the energy you release from your head to your toes and back up to your cock as you release allif that energy deep into my willing, greedy cunt.
Ideal situation...
Posted:Oct 28, 2019 11:44 am
Last Updated:Nov 15, 2019 2:07 am

To find that man, you know the one that thinks with his dick. He has no desire to make love or even a sexual encounter. He just wants to fuck. Just like a when he smells a bitch in heat. She knows what she needs so she presents herself, pussy up, He immediately tops her , gets in there and goes wild until he busts his nut. He catches his breath then goes about his business without a care for anything more with her.
Well, I am that bitch in heat, my pussy is primed and ready for that dick to do its thing. I have love & companionship I just need a dick in my pussy.
The perfect fantasy...
Posted:Oct 28, 2019 1:45 am
Last Updated:Oct 30, 2019 7:11 pm

A girl I work with ask me to take some of her ex's things to him because she doesn't want to see him. It's not far from my place so I agree. I knock on his door he answers. Damn, that's one fine white boy. He says he has some stuff of hers and if I have a minute he will get it . Sure, I say. I sit on the couch as he goes to the other room. He tells me he's been trying to give her her stuff for 3 months and he will be glad to get rid of it. He starts telling me things that he really shouldn't liinto. ke she was a cold bitch at first she just loved sex but she changed and didn't want it. I'm starting to think i should slip , it's not my business. He said "one second, I'm almost through " he comes back in the room with nothing in his hands. His zipper was open with his cock hanging . He rubs it telling me the cock was all hers. I stand up and try to leave. He grabs my arm and tells me to sit down. I'm not going to lie that was a very impressive cock and its been 2 years since I had some and never had a white cock. I kept saying no, no, no... but damn I wanted to have some of that. He starts manhandling my tits he nibbled an sucked them. He told me he was going to gove me what she left behind. He pushed me face first into the couch. He threw up my skirt pulled my panties to the side and in one deep push I had my first white cock all up in me. He told me he knew I was a slut , i was so tight and just looking at his cock had my pussy wet and ready for him. Damn if that white boy didn't give me the ride of my life. His balls were slapping my clit his hands gripping my hips . Like the damn Energizer Bunny and each time I know he went deeper
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