A perfect day  

2ndtimearoundthe 58M  
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8/30/2017 5:27 am
A perfect day

I was born in a religious family in the very religious province of Quebec. My parents wanted me to be a priest. So happy I refused to be an altar boy. With all those scandals of sex abuse from priests, I was lucky.

I decided to join the military instead, got married at an early age and . Sex was not the greatest but.... Fast forward to today. Divorce, all my are married and sex is great.

I have met a great lady who slowly takes me out of me comfort zone. She send me a text on Sunday night asking me if I wanted to go to a nudist community the next day. I took 5 minutes to think about it and agreed to go.

Best decision of the year. There were few people around ( end of summer, beginning of the week and people had to work). Spend 5 hours naked beside a beautiful Lady, She tasked me to organize the next "Out of the Comfy Zone" adventure. Not sure what it will be.

We ended up at my place for supper. We kept our clothes on but my hands were wandering all over her body. I cooked supper, we eat and had to let her go. She was working the next day and had to be there at 6am.

Why is it a perfect day if we didn't fuck each other brains out? It was the sparkles in her eyes when we let go. She was happy. I am seeing her again this Friday and we are going to Quebec City. Can't wait

1seeking1 54F
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11/7/2017 3:52 pm

Happy for you enjoy it.

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