You got the DOPE ?  

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7/5/2017 6:01 pm

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You got the DOPE ?

Yeah for shiz , hey man , hey , listen man I don't know if I'm able to talk to you if you got a stink booty .

One time I met this lady . And she got mad at me because I thought she was a porn star when instead she is a professional wrestler . And I apologized and I was sorry but not that sorry . Because I mean look at her . Huge fake tits , bleach blonde hair , wonky tattoos , and I am sorry she's got a porny face . Is it really so crazy that someone might think that ? Remember when I used to have games on my blog and one of them was "Porn Star or Wrestler" and no one ever participated ? That's where that came from . 60% of the time it was a trick though and I posted a picture of a lady wrestler who did porn .

The other day I saw two bunnies in my front yard sitting on their haunches boxing . And when I went outside they both stopped and turn and looked at me for a second before one bunny sucker punched the other one and then ran off . It was possibly the greatest thing I've seen in my life .

Fuck , Marry , Kill is a thing people like to do - I find it amusing that here , of all places , people sometimes euphemize "fuck" . Because they're afraid of offending all the upstanding citizens around here . If you can't say "fuck" here where can you say it ?

Anyway FMK - Id , Ego , Superego

This seems pretty straightforward . You fuck the Id because that cat is WILD you know ? Marry the Superego because it's going to provide for you . And kill the Ego because it's a wishy-washy milquetoast piece of beige nothing . See you in hell Ego !

A while ago my cousin was diagnosed with some kind of mental disorder and I was (as I often am) disdainful . My opinion was that everything doesn't have to be a disorder and that some people just have unpleasant personalities . Flash forward to this weekend where I found out he's like seriously mental and his dad is thinking about retiring to he can take care of him because he can't really function in society on his own anymore . So now I look like a HUGE asshole - which obviously is the important thing in this story .

I often chide people for being blasé about mental health issues but as per usual I am a hypocrite .

So this sparked a big debate amongst my family about medication and treating such things and while its easy to say that a hum in the drum is no different from say , liver failure , and you would never tell someone with liver failure not to take medicine so why should this be any different the reality is a lot more complex . Because if your liver is failing "we" know it . But how can you be sure if someone is depressed ? You can't really .

To bring this back to me (what drug do you take for narcissism ? ) I'm sure there are people who think I should be medicated . And I am sure there's a pill I could take that would make me happier . But would I be me then ? That's what I always used to wonder about but today I reached ANOTHER level - which is , is it important that I am me either way ?

I am fully aware that my behavior is merely a result of the chemicals in my brain sloshing together in different ways and it can be manipulated my any number of pills and suppositories - but what does it all mean ? A lot of people like to go to the easy answer which is that people that "need" anti-depressants should be on them but most people who are on them don't "need" them , which like most simple answers is complete bullshit that doesn't mean anything .

What is our goal ? Should we never be sad ? Or angry ? Or bored ? As far as I can tell people are drinking booze and smoking their Mexican Dancing Weed ALL the time to feel better - why is that okay but popping a Zoloft means you're weak ?

This is a topic I should avoid because it always sends me down the nihilism slide - which like all slides is fun but you need to grow out of that shit . Because the punchline is always that it doesn't matter because there's no point to any of it .

I was going to post about how fireworks and sex are alike but I realized that it would probably offend some of my readers so I am censoring myself .

By the way , if you're reading this Lala urine does not help with jellyfish stings - that urban legend has been perpetuated by the Friends episode "The One With The Jellyfish" but it is not true . Urine is mostly salt which does nothing and will probably make it hurt more . Vinegar is your best bet .

Putting first by putting employees first, immediately after prioritizing fiscal responsibilities and leveraging profitability towards exceeding by empowering our employees to put (and themselves) first, in a diverse and respectful environment of only those that come first, first.

40Deuce 42M
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7/5/2017 6:02 pm

You can eat sand young man

Putting clients first by putting employees first, immediately after prioritizing fiscal responsibilities and leveraging profitability towards exceeding by empowering our employees to put clients (and themselves) first, in a diverse and respectful environment of only those that come first, first.

BiggLala 47F  
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7/5/2017 6:16 pm

I had heard about urine easing jellyfish stings before the Friends episode.

Anyway...I wanna hear about fireworks and sex. I watched the fireworks last night but sex continues to ellude

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40Deuce replies on 7/7/2017 5:37 pm:
I was going to draw the comparison that sex and fireworks are both things people make a big deal about but are a hassle to get and not really worth it ; but I thought that might offend some of my readers on account of I have had sex with them so I didn't . I don't mean these things to be personal but how else can you take them right ?

smartasswoman 62F  
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7/5/2017 6:54 pm

You got pretty deep there, on your musings about depression and medication. I think in the end it just boils down to the person's choice. Some people are eager to have things "smoothed over" or are truly nonfunctional, as in unable to get out of bed and go to work - there shouldn't be any judgement if those people choose to take meds.

Others are more leery of medication. When I was having horrible hot flashes my gyno suggested a particular anti-depressant that supposedly has the off-label effect of reducing hot flashes. I gave it serious consideration, especially since it could be argued that I have mild depression from time to time. In the end I was worried about side effects, and by articles I read that said it wasn't a piece of cake to get off of the medication once you were on it.

And then what about the people who have very serious mental illness, like schizophrenia, but don't like taking meds because they make them feel "off"? Should they be forced to take meds for their own good?

40Deuce replies on 7/7/2017 5:39 pm:
I often wonder that - as a society I think we're supposed to protect people from themselves to some degree , but it's a slippery slope for sure

HappyChick43 47F  
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7/5/2017 7:28 pm

My 2 cents is (have an adult son with mental issues) if medication is needed so the person is not harmed by themselves or harming others..good. If they can go about life as they want without harming or self harming, let them be. They're happy!
My son has trialled meds both in his young years and as an adult and is happier off them altogether.
You can't make the world happy, don't sweat the small shit, be who you are and love your mum she's the cool one

40Deuce replies on 7/7/2017 5:39 pm:
I try but I'm not sure who I am

porterpiper1 52F
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7/5/2017 9:44 pm

wow it is a big issue, I am one of those people who hate taking meds of any kind, I have a family member who have mental issues, finally got her to take the meds but if she don't she is out of control and dangerous, the most part that scare me is that when family is all dead and gone who will take care to make sure people with mental issue are taking care of and take their meds?

40Deuce replies on 7/7/2017 5:40 pm:
Not the government , that's for sure

wickedeasy 69F  
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7/7/2017 3:08 pm

there are some days that I just should not read you. today is one of those days.

love you to the moon and back but brain is on overdrive and I angsting enough for the whole free world and half the rest

peace brother

hey Lala is back......yippee

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

40Deuce replies on 7/7/2017 5:41 pm:
And peace be with you

tickles4us 57M
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7/8/2017 6:56 am

The problem with the anti-depressants is they all have side effects. So when people start taking them and then they begin feeling better they start thinking they don't need them and stop. Then the cycle starts over and up and down they go. It would be nice if they could find some anti-depressants that don't have side effects. It is also important that people get counseling from a competent counselor to go along with the drug treatments as a persons living conditions and attitudes often have a lot to do with how well they handle depression.

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