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Tmptrzz 55F  
50248 posts
3/18/2018 3:24 pm

excellent advice my friend and yes I hope EVERYONE reads this..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

Back2Look 61F  
17 posts
3/18/2018 3:34 pm

We ALL need someone who can read and comprehend THIS !

notsure1949 69M
7348 posts
3/18/2018 3:34 pm

very informative, thank you

wantaplay8 65M
4519 posts
3/18/2018 3:35 pm

Yep,,,I like a few of those idea...and have done a few too! I have never been nerves about going down on a woman. Some how, as a teen, I found a lot of sex stories which included going down on a woman, I was eager to do this act and still am. I enjoy a woman cumming from me going down on her. Her muscles start to clench, her ass rises off the bed, her thighs clamp tight on my head, her hands might be on my forehead, her body starts to quiver, quake and shake and her movements make it rough to keep the mouth connected to her vagina. If she is a body orgasm shaker; my head feels like it is being torn from my body. I Love That! I think the only topper would be is she was naughty word verbal while my face was between her thighs while I was slurping her vagina!

lindoboy100 55M
19773 posts
3/18/2018 3:42 pm

For some of us less well educated men you may need to provide photographic demonstrations.......... Or better still, let's get some practice in!!

Wake up and hold yer noses.........

XHamburgDave 75M  
5161 posts
3/18/2018 4:06 pm

Hello J

Yummy a post about my favourite pastime I am happy to say that I have tried and enjoyed most of these positions

Have a Great Week, safe travels

MulleenofMelb 53M
2789 posts
3/18/2018 4:17 pm

did you read this to a tired bent tree
and was it raised up proud and free?

Thoughts in sensual pleasure to erotic writing writ.

Feel free to travel - click - to my blog: An exploration introduction

iwalkstilts 43M  
2824 posts
3/18/2018 4:18 pm

Yup, good positions.

I_giv_pleasure 54M  
2537 posts
3/18/2018 4:33 pm

I love going down on a lady. How would you like it?

aussielicker699 52M
29 posts
3/18/2018 4:39 pm

Oh yes bring it on love it

MyBaffies 49M
2504 posts
3/18/2018 4:41 pm

Face Sitting

However I found one partner while liking that position initially, when she got too excited she preferred to be on her back while I continued just so that she could relax more.


My Blog: MyBaffies

clittywhisperer1 54M
841 posts
3/18/2018 5:05 pm

I have just barely gotten my new wife to let me lick her and not think it's gross and disgusting! I have to go very slowly because she is ,A squeemish , b a bit tense , c a bit insecure and d had zero experience with it before she met me at age 50 ! I was like Whaaaaa? never ? no one ? well i know she was not a slut at least ! 1 man her whole life and he was really bad at sex She is in for some surprises hahahahhhaa. she is also very impatient from years of not getting pounded hard and full like she wants and no forplay because she had to get the cock asap before he lost the boner .I am slowly teasing her and getting her used to slowing down taking orgasms and knowing she will stuffed full just fine .

BigSmilesnMore 62M
672 posts
3/18/2018 5:14 pm

Thanks for the posting! Entertaining as usual ... and also educational, which flows well with life-long learning !

citizen4722 60M  
58431 posts
3/18/2018 5:30 pm

I was never really a big fan of Spderman but I might be if the position fits

calmdownbestill 50M
112 posts
3/18/2018 5:46 pm

69 is my favorite! Pleasing and edging as long as we can stand it, and it's a great way for the woman on top to move down for a cowgirl ride when she's ready

buck7024 50M
23 posts
3/18/2018 6:11 pm

Very good information. excellent reading loved it.

1horizon 96M
386 posts
3/18/2018 6:21 pm

Great subject matter! I'm sure you'll get lots of feedback.

Actually, I find that women like different things so that what works with one does not work with all. the result is that a young man that thinks he has mastered cunnilingus with all women finds out that he is good with that ONE woman. After that experience he tend to be shy about his "expertise".

The truth, as far as I can tell, is that we all have different expectations and preferences. With each lover you get to explore a brave new world. I love spending the time to find out just which lick gets the giggle and squirm, whether the sucking is nice or intolerable, how much insertion is too much.

Eventually, you can work as a team, as partners, and each lick and nibble is requested by the previous moan. That's the place that I work towards.

Spiderman? Sofa 69?

Each in its time and place.

SeaGirlFL 54F  
5023 posts
3/18/2018 6:37 pm

Well, I need it too.

Thanks a lot! lol

"Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax." – Mark Black

12timt 32M
5 posts
3/18/2018 7:18 pm

thanks for the help

FBazbo 59M
4500 posts
3/18/2018 7:24 pm

Different positions are fun and can affect accessibility, but what's probably just as important is knowing where your tongue is going and reading her reactions while you're trying various touches, speeds, etc.

Always good to have a friend who's a cunning linguist.

I'll never get tired of that pun.

This one's off the market. Now I'm just here for the blogs.

luvexotic 57M  
3691 posts
3/18/2018 7:27 pm

Have tried a couple of these over the years, and it has given me ideas for the future also

oldbstrd55 61M  
3062 posts
3/18/2018 8:45 pm

Humm. We should try these out and see which one is the best.

lok4fun500 108M  
41709 posts
3/18/2018 10:00 pm

The "Deep Warp" is the closest description to what I used to be able to pleasure her!

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maybejustrex4 51M  
2262 posts
3/18/2018 10:52 pm

Aah. The deep wrap...and a pillow for my knees—going to be there awhile.

Oscarmike12 25M
12 posts
3/18/2018 11:06 pm

Sofa 69 is probably my favorite

proteus_2a 52M
6263 posts
3/19/2018 3:19 am

The names cracked me up !!!

Cheers my lady !


1st_downonu 62M
180 posts
3/19/2018 4:20 am

Can I practice with you?

azriel1970 48M  
22235 posts
3/19/2018 5:13 am

Hmmmm I will need to try this the next time I get to have oral sex LOL!!!!

gardenboy321 55M  
39420 posts
3/19/2018 7:21 am

I like the spiderman, and deep wrap.

Thoughts from the Garden...

1SexyGoodguy 53M

3/19/2018 7:56 am

I admittedly get a little nervous when going down on a woman. After all, I want to give her extreme pleasure and it takes a bit of exploration before pushing the right buttons so to speak. Even so, this is where having a short memory span might come in handy. Entendre' intended. After all, it would keep her guessing where I would go to next.

There is a bit of fear of the face sitting position. Especially if she is really into the grind and could cut off my air supply.
As for her hanging butt near the edge, a little prep time is necessary as my knees could not hold that position as long as I would like. Not so much as joint pain but being comfortable long enough to enjoy giving her the pleasure.

Stay Sexy My Friend

Apollorising2057 57M  
5028 posts
3/19/2018 1:07 pm

I learn something new every time I read you blog!

Become a Apollorising2057 blog watcher!

Iwanaliku2 56M  
42 posts
3/19/2018 1:43 pm

Done and enjoyed all, except the Sofa69... guess I need to add that to my "what to do next" list... anyone interested?

ToBeofUse 60M  
1621 posts
3/19/2018 2:24 pm

I am disappointed in many of my brothers-in-love. This stuff needed to be written, was not obvious in teen years? No wonder so many women are disappointed in their men.

AmorphousAmor 62M
3430 posts
3/19/2018 7:52 pm

It's good to follow up a body massage with some well-placed oral stimulation to continue a sensual wave

Leegs2012 45M
33952 posts
3/21/2018 2:12 pm

I love going down and the tip of my tongue knows what it is doing. I have gone down on so many women, that my face looks like a glazed doughnut!!

Ramblin14 44M
19 posts
3/21/2018 9:24 pm

well this was well written and definitely brought me to, well, lets say I'm inspired

K1ssGasm 47M  

3/21/2018 11:05 pm

Just as it is for penetration; mixing up positions during oral sex (for both partners) is just as fun and interesting. Trying new ones or those who are willing to try new things, it almost always leads to great results in my opinion. Great post!

What's going on? That is what Marvin Gaye wanted to know!

4 Non Blondes also wanted to know What's Up too; thus, got to feeling a little peculiar, so screamed from the top of the lungs... What's going on?

I don't know what's going on. I am so in deep with you. - The Cure

Dmd7707atg 62M
36 posts
3/22/2018 3:46 am

Wonderful, Can't wait to try some out!

pal334 64M  
35676 posts
3/23/2018 5:35 am

What a refreshing post. A delightful reminder and advice. I hope that many read and heed this advice [image]

Please cum visit my blog,,,,,,,,,,,,pal334

dafocker44 59M
888 posts
3/24/2018 11:15 am

Perhaps, I should add this to my bookmarks!! Always willing to learn! Try new things and re-do some old things!!!


[I]Da Focker!!

petey4mature 49M  
13 posts
3/30/2018 8:36 pm

I vote for the "Doggy Down"...I mean come on whoever came up with that name??

But, agreed introduce a bit of rimming as well..

johnson694u2 60M  
592 posts
4/3/2018 3:41 am

I am fortunate enough to have learned and enjoyed all of those options, absolutely love them all, love to totally explore and please my partner and love the return favors, would love to have those experiences with you

azriel1970 48M  
22235 posts
4/3/2018 5:30 am

Sigh Maybe one day I will be abale to get to try these.....

That Spiderman sounds very interesting indeed!

banjo6660 52M
501 posts
4/4/2018 7:22 am

Great advice, I have done them all and I love doing them for my lady. It is so sexy and erotic to have her cum from just your tounge lips and fingers.

OhYesssMmm 58M
13 posts
4/4/2018 10:46 am

thanks for sharing that

thiswasmylastres 32M
6 posts
4/4/2018 4:30 pm

I love it in every way possible but one of my favorite positions is doggy style.

qvillebiman 61M  
246 posts
4/5/2018 7:20 am

Very nice to know that someone else puts as much thought as I do to keep things new and exiting. I have tried all of the above at one time or another

sam4fwb 46M  
7 posts
4/7/2018 5:05 am

I like down doggy, easy access to both spots.

ShaunaODorothy 49T  
38 posts
4/8/2018 12:56 pm

If the shoe fits, wear it!

braz860 58M
24 posts
4/9/2018 6:38 am

love it

senlac111 38M
7 posts
4/9/2018 9:05 pm

I like the face sitting

1st_downonu 62M
180 posts
4/12/2018 4:28 am

Good info, well written. Can we practice sometime?

apervypoet 59M
58 posts
4/15/2018 5:10 am

Will be working on my Spiderman technique ASAP, but my Superman technique wasn't included, any reason why?


slowone40 48M
33 posts
4/15/2018 11:01 pm

The doggy style my fav,

hankster2cu2 61M
2 posts
4/16/2018 12:34 pm

All of thems works for me if men not doing it right u need to tells how u want it

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