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cwazywabbit009 54M
6086 posts
7/9/2016 8:26 am

You're like Princess Lauranna from Men in Black 2, it rains because you are sad -
"Agent Kay: When you get sad, it rains.
Laura: Lots of people get sad when it rains.
Agent Kay: It rains because you're sad, baby.

Another one of your superpowers

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honeysuckle9397 43F
8939 posts
7/9/2016 8:57 am

Yet, this makes my heart smile. What a blessing!

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Tmptrzz 56F  
51280 posts
7/9/2016 9:00 am

Isn't it great how our kids can always put a smile on our faces..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

satyrnsheepzskin 41M  
5925 posts
7/9/2016 9:20 am

Everyone needs an Ambassador of Silly and an Ambassador of Riddikulus. You know, the Boggart's Banishing Spell ... I just loved the way they said that in the movie.

And the concept ... that thinking of something silly about our nightmares and waving a wand at it will make it all go away.

I like to think of myself as the Ambassador of Cake and Ice Cream ... and Orgasms. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it ... I just do it Dirty Satan Style.

Maybe Big Dog is trying to trip you because he wants to sniff your butt. I watched a dog repeatedly smell the cat's butt that he shared the house with. Or maybe he's trying to make sure that you don't have a brontosaurus buried up there.

Just sayin'.

Satyr in Sheep's Skin
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kzoopair 67M/65F  
25333 posts
7/9/2016 10:18 am

Traffic's Dear Mr. Fantasy is probably my favorite song ever.

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39lawless 53F
6871 posts
7/9/2016 11:39 am

Yes. The dog is doing it on purpose. Which would make him an asshole if his intent wasn't playing a game.

And you and Pidgey? I love when you write about your interactions. Reminds me so much of my daughter and I. If you don't mind, I'd like to share this with her....since there's no way she'll log into this site (she knows I'm on here - that's not the issue. Too much penis is how, I think she would put it - well, actually she would say too much junk - she's much more prudish than me. hah), would it be okay if I cut and paste and sent it to her via e-mail? I promise proper credit.

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lok4fun500 108M  
42090 posts
7/9/2016 11:41 am

I'm hoping for a smile to be put on my face within the hour!!

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HamburgDave2 75M
16569 posts
7/9/2016 11:43 am

You always make me Smile, Thanks

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tommy609z 59M  
573 posts
7/9/2016 12:07 pm

yes, i think he is playing a game with you.

azriel1970 48M  
22529 posts
7/9/2016 12:55 pm

I am glad you are doing better today. We all have those days. I understand that all too well. Hugs

bipolybabe69 56F  
285 posts
7/9/2016 3:08 pm

I live in "the quan"...among a sex positive community where we explore and support.

And we love our dogs...but not in THAT way.

sexysixties2 70F  
37810 posts
7/9/2016 4:27 pm

My daughter....the one whose children I mind.....has two dogs and the younger one is always at my feet....I am sure he is trying to convince me that he is the boss whereas I know for certain that I am.....if he ever knocks me down he is gonna be a very hungry dog!

It is wonderful to be the centre of someone's world. You must have done something right....which doesn't surprise me.

"Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age."
~~~ Anais Nin ~~~

satyrnsheepzskin 41M  
5925 posts
7/9/2016 7:09 pm

SnuggleBuni41 replies on 7/9/2016 8:47 pm:
LOL. You are so incredibly silly. I'm glad I'm friends with the ambassador of orgasms


Damn straight ... the conga line for hugs with the ambassador of orgasms begins heeeeeeeeere ~points both forefingers down~

~whispers~ I'll give you a hint ... it's a mouth hug.

Don't forget about the cake and ice cream. There has to be something to replenish the calories after hours of orgasmic hugging and tomfoolery.

Satyr in Sheep's Skin
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4345 posts
7/9/2016 7:40 pm

Yes, dogs do this on purpose. Probably not to trip you, though.

I once read about a theory that cats try to kill their humans. I suspected that myself some time ago, whne my moggy came up at night and lay down on my throat. But I don't believe for one minute that we was thrying to suffocate me. He just loved me so much!!!

And good for you that you have Pidgey who loves You so much!

ProfPlayful 54M
3838 posts
7/9/2016 10:50 pm

Perhaps your dog is an evangelist for the Church of the Quadruped. He keeps trying to convert you but you persist in your bipedal blasphemy.

Quan on, dear lady ambassador!

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Not_here2meet 50F
3851 posts
7/10/2016 5:18 am

LOL...I think my boyfriend's cats find tripping me funny as well.

Thanks for the laugh this morning, I appreciate it.

Live life to it's fullest!

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CleavageFan4U 61M  
54184 posts
7/10/2016 8:26 am

I've got two constantly underfoot now. I think they're just needing to remind me of their presence lest I get in to the num-nums.

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tickles4us 56M
6776 posts
7/11/2016 11:52 pm

If you think that is bad you ought to try having a rabbit around... they like to run around and around your feet.

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