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mc_justmc 59M  
4959 posts
4/24/2017 3:10 pm

I've started and scrapped so many posts. Enjoy your break, we will be here when your ready to return. Since your enjoying the sexy pics, maybe you might want to start back by posting a tribute to past porn stars. The last time you did that I was reminded of so many I'd forgotten and found some I'd never heard of.

Tmptrzz 56F  
62076 posts
4/24/2017 3:16 pm

You know this happens to all of us at times I think there are some day's I feel the same way you do. I hope you enjoy all the sexy images your viewing and a have a great week..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

pocogato12 67F  
27733 posts
4/24/2017 4:47 pm

That's a common "feeling" so just visit when the spirit moves you. Some of us take a day off here and there to refresh

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rachel0718 53F  
20421 posts
4/24/2017 5:38 pm

Glad to see you as brief as it may be! We will still be here for you. Enjoy your break pop in once and a while! I do love it when I see you comment. Take care.

Rachel Mae

nicelipss66 43F
23226 posts
4/24/2017 11:00 pm

Blogging can get tiring at times. I am sure a lot of us feel that way one day or another. is normal. nothing wrong with it. do wherever make you feel the best, but wherever you choose, I hope to keep seeing you around from time to time {=}

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author51 56F  
77572 posts
4/24/2017 11:52 pm

When I leave for my three week holiday I thoroughly enjoy not posting and my time away to unwind and relax.I put aside my sexual side and enjoy my time with my kids and loved ones.Hard to keep up with the blogs at times even though I enjoy doing it.We will see you round the funny pages.Take time to view what you want and get aroused by all the sexy photos and videos..

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

sweet_VM 61F  
80194 posts
4/27/2017 7:52 am

Good to see you Rock. Blogging takes up a lot of time. Pop in and say hi on a blog or just post a little on your own. Keep smiling we all have a sea of yellow on our pages. I don't really have the time either to blog like I used too hugs V

Have a great day!!!

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