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jcthebear 40M
204 posts
12/12/2016 1:21 am

...and if I wanted to lick you with all that warmth-providing hair, would that not be an option?

heartshapedcock2 36M
1676 posts
12/12/2016 2:24 am

I would love to get a blowjob from you...

proteus_2a 53M
7302 posts
12/12/2016 3:39 am

Now you have our interest my lady
- keep us posted !
And I loved the tiger analogy !

Cheers - P

Cmackie80 39F  
44 posts
12/12/2016 10:16 am

You go get that warm cock! And keep us updated.
I totally understand where you are coming from in saying that you just want to blow him, because sex does require more work. Love that you are being direct and taking some control. I also like that you are more open to sexual scenarios where you get what you want - nice to make the other an object isn't it??!!!
And totally agree on the shaving, that patch of fur in the wind tunnel does help in this weather!

KItkat1415 57F
19782 posts
12/23/2016 12:53 pm

New Watcher here-
I have to admit, though I know how this turned out (by reading the next post you wrote) I loved the quote at the top of this post.

You wrote- "If men saw the crazy positions women get into to shave their legs, they would demand kinkier sex."
This made me smile. I happen to think it is true. Shhhhh,

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