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shaunola1971 48M  
52 posts
7/9/2017 10:43 am

I definitely appreciated this story. As a geek myself and one who supports others at work, answering various analytical questions and assisting with tool and technique development, I interact with a broad range of people. Over time, I've developed a couple of crushes on two coworkers and have admittedly fantasized about similar encounters. Your story helps keep hope alive that, one day, it may become a reality.

sailorboy603 55M
122 posts
7/9/2017 11:10 am

Geeks of the world unite! I'm glad he got his reward(s).

I'm thinking it needs a D/s themed sequel though...

nemo3557 70M
1296 posts
9/22/2017 6:53 am

wonderful story thank you.

bigfatcockforu4 56M
32 posts
1/21/2019 5:16 pm

would love 2 have you sit on my face suck the juices out of u

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