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hunterpt 56M  
13503 posts
7/4/2016 9:10 am

Seems the job is beeing well done. Kisses

ocbum4802 71M  
19 posts
7/4/2016 9:16 am

damn i wish i had a neighbor and a view like that to look at every day

oldtar69 62M
1462 posts
7/4/2016 9:38 am

I wish you were my neighbor, but she does not do the gardening.

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txslowpoke 65M
2181 posts
7/4/2016 9:49 am

red i woujld love for you to come work in my yard....... not sure of anything that will get done tho...

Leegs2012 45M
32966 posts
7/4/2016 9:55 am

You look so sexy in those short..shorts Red!! Very Nice!!

ovy101 72M  
582 posts
7/4/2016 10:21 am

you look great no matter what you do, would love to see you do it nude.

1salesman3 63M
3982 posts
7/4/2016 10:54 am

And I will agree with your husband.

txslowpoke 65M
2181 posts
7/4/2016 10:58 am

well i would like that.... but dammm its hot out here...

Acuriouscat48 54M
2220 posts
7/4/2016 11:28 am

Nice get up

melsalore 51M
110 posts
7/4/2016 11:53 am

your husband is right Red. You are one sexy even when working in your yard.

kzoopair 67M/65F  
25305 posts
7/4/2016 12:16 pm

You make gardening look like fun, Red!

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ShipwreckedinAZ 52M  
341 posts
7/4/2016 12:56 pm

I agree with his observations

play9876544 69M  
1541 posts
7/4/2016 1:28 pm

You look wonderful and sexy no mater what or where you are !

scott6250 56M  
10051 posts
7/4/2016 2:01 pm

Damn, you look good doing that yard work.

"Sweet, steamy, sensuous kisses light the bright fires of passionate lust within us." scott6250

junbo33 86M
406 posts
7/4/2016 2:27 pm

hubby is right

sphxdiver 68M  
20136 posts
7/4/2016 5:28 pm

Love that rear view !!!

Maybe2day1999 62M
805 posts
7/4/2016 5:48 pm

Hubby is absolutely right, Red. Hugs to you and a handshake to hubby

sylvainturcot 56M
81 posts
7/4/2016 7:43 pmé

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lovesexwithulove 56M
324 posts
7/5/2016 6:48 am


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