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love2pleasu13 50M
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2/20/2016 8:13 pm


golosa1115 57F
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2/20/2016 8:35 pm

You have been very lucky. Most older man will actually say this about themselves. So I cant blame a 27 yr old not to want to chance being able to be pleasured the way she expected by someone 30 yrs old older. You have to remember there is a big energy difference between 27 and 44. So what older females feel as glorious is not even close to someone so young. I have spoken to man over 50 and most of them try to intrigue me with the idea that they are great with their tongue. Frankly that's not my idea for sex with someone i hardly know. When i have been out with a person in my age grp their main moves is to use their fingers and or their mouth. If I go out with a man i want a working penis.

AmorphousAmor 62M
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2/20/2016 8:46 pm

Let the results speak for themselves

porterpiper1 51F
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2/20/2016 9:12 pm

Most people go by what they have experience in a partner, and if she has had a bad experience well she just don't want to waste her time again and again, Yes there are lots of older men who can hold their own without the blue pill, but remember most of them want much younger women, not women near or their age, You always have to find the lover that is best for you.

rdxrgn 53M
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2/21/2016 9:34 am

I'd do you with both cock and fingers but I'd also add tongue and lips to that too.

Leegs2012 45M
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2/21/2016 10:24 am

That's nice that you squirted!!! I love that!!!

Fleshswing2007 47M  
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2/25/2016 11:14 pm

the older I have gotten the more I have changed to where I want to make sure I get her off even more and I always see what I can do about making it as wet as possible. Its almost like a challenge if she has never squirted before.

kiwialibnz 49M
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4/10/2016 2:30 am

I guess she has had some experience with an older man who promises more than he gives. However if I think back about what I was like at her age - I would prefer the lover I am now.
I know what you say about that connection with your Master, it is the same as the one between my sub and I. I will often not cum before she is worn out, because she is my sole priority.

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