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9/30/2017 8:07 am

I don't think there is a protocol, other than...tread lightly. You say she "...couldn't figure out who I was..." Obviously, you didn't tell her who you were from the start, when you should have. It sounds like you played a guessing game to get her to figure it out, while indicating to her that you know who she is. IF that's what happened, yeah, that would freak me out too if someone knows me, but won't outright provide their identity....because after all, they know my identity. Not at all the way to get a woman comfortable talking to you, which is key if you want to meet her, now you're in the 'possible stalker/creeper' zone.

Best thing for you to do now is try contacting her outside of this site...with your clothes on and without your dick showing. You'll have a better chance of seeing if she's attracted to and interested in you. I suggest you avoid any mention of seeing her on this least until you know her mindset about being here and whether she is open or discrete about it.

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