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2ndTrynSC 47M
333 posts
9/8/2017 9:18 pm

😁 I can help you with that.

igotplentytogive 43M
1301 posts
9/8/2017 9:29 pm

Buh dum cha!

crypticxd 28M
77 posts
9/8/2017 10:27 pm

I haven't being thinking about sex either but i have been craving melons with cherries on top

heartshapedcock2 35M
1626 posts
9/9/2017 1:02 am

I got exactly what you need...

cdkathy_1 58M
342 posts
9/9/2017 7:20 am

I'll wait for the cliff notes to read this one.

time4phun 59M
32 posts
9/9/2017 7:20 am

It is a good thing that you were finally able to get off from your mind and instead focus your early morning lust for a delicious breakfast treat instead. I was worried that you might have a mild sex

bigblackman21221 48M  
4094 posts
9/9/2017 7:34 am

    Quoting  :


Do you like your bananas really ripe or with some green on them?

Enquiring minds want to know. LOL!!!!

bigblackman21221 48M  
4094 posts
9/9/2017 9:09 am

I would have just emailed you about this but I think you pay more attention to your blog.

On your profile it looks like you wanted to link your blog but it didn't come out right.

I'm pretty sure it should look like what I have below.

[blog IMaySayYes]

Feel free to cut and paste that for your edit.
I won't be offended if you delete this comment.

heartshapedcock2 35M
1626 posts
9/9/2017 10:47 am

    Quoting  :

Mmmm, I definitely have lots of cream for you bb. I assure you wouldn't have to work too hard for it...

113 posts
9/10/2017 8:56 pm

you can put wipped cream on my penis and eat it like a bananana

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