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zacobsexy 30M
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9/16/2017 10:09 am

try yoga.

BiggLala 48F  
28170 posts
9/16/2017 10:29 am

As much as we try not to....we all become our parents in some fashion. I realized I was becoming my mother about a decade ago. It's exhausting trying not be. 😬

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Here2plzunaw 30M
38 posts
9/16/2017 10:38 am

I doubt you will become like your mother. My parents act the same way, where my mom is very loud and bitches a lot while my dad hides away at work most of the time. I have no idea why she does that, maybe not happy with her life.

It is unlikely that I will become like my mother since I tend to learn from my own and my parents mistakes.

And you still call your mother because she is your matter how much of a nut job she can be or what she will do......she is still the mother who gave you birth, raised and loved you until you were out of her hair as well.

And people in good relationships do not always have to have things in commons and it will be good to have a few different beliefs since you can always have an interested to talk about them or explore each others own interests.

Have a few arguments here and there in a relationship will also be good for the relationships since it will help you find out a bit more about each other.

So, do not worry....keep being your own strong self and do more yoga

sixfooteight79 41M
114 posts
9/16/2017 11:23 am

That sounds like my family

ryandude88 35M

9/16/2017 1:07 pm

Well just do you and when it comes time things fall into place. People do change as they get older ,sounds like your catching yourself doing things all to familiar. That's better than most. Maybe have someone that's not afraid to call you on it when it happens, as long as you take it right as more of a oh fuck thanks and not get pissed more than things work out. They say opposites attract for a reason. Still plenty of time to figure it out.

bigblackman21221 49M
4093 posts
9/16/2017 2:24 pm

Welcome to the club Blondie.

I can guarantee you that my family is at least twice as fucked up.

justintosex 57M
381 posts
9/16/2017 2:58 pm

Hello IMay, I lost my parents dad in 88 and mom in 92.Having your parents alive and well is a bonus. Im the baby of 5 kids and miss the family dinners ever Sunday. Sorry for posting only about the parents part will think about the first part on next post.

BitchInHeatMd 44F
35 posts
9/16/2017 6:03 pm

you won't be like her because you know how you are and care.

turtle6587 60M
137 posts
9/16/2017 6:46 pm

You are not doomed to become your Mom because you can still see the things that still bother you. You don't show the run instinct with her because you mentioned that you feel guilty not calling or visiting where you brothers stay away....I think it is good to see what you don't works for your Mom and Dad as you said your Dad has his way of dealing with it by settling, which I don't think you would ever do.....keep that string handy and watch the cat chase the mouse as you need a good laugh

txslowpoke 66M  
2500 posts
9/17/2017 5:26 am

good morning pretty lady, your story read alot like how i grew up... i loved both my parents an they did give us 3 kids a good up bringing, i found after i lost both how an things they taught us paid big dividends later in life.. kinda the old saying " the older i get the smarter my folks become" They do put part of themselves in all of seem a smart, caring, fun, sensual, sexy, intellligent, lady an that makes you very in part its from your mom an dad, so its not all bad. Take life as it comes , an have fun, quit looking for the answers as they all will come to you little by little in life.. as of now seems you are doing one great job, being strong as you are an who you are.

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