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benard69 63M/63F  
4377 posts
5/20/2017 5:22 pm

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Love the smell of clean pussy and not most of these skanks on here!

BiggLala 47F  
26449 posts
5/20/2017 7:58 pm

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    Quoting benard69:
    Love the smell of clean pussy and not most of these skanks on here!
You've smelled the pussies of most of the skanks (women) on here? Wow, y'all really get around.

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Heathen_G 60M
7065 posts
5/20/2017 11:09 pm

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"Scent" of a particular woman is going to be vastly different from another. So your question is rather childish.

Virgin_BI 68M  
20 posts
5/21/2017 8:09 am

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Love the scent of my woman!

middleagedscot 52M  
12 posts
5/21/2017 8:22 am

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I would say however that pussy tastes and smells differently on all women. Unclean pussy is not desirable in any way. In the same way I would imagine an unclean cock is not desirable to a woman.

rocky2774 45M
567 posts
5/27/2017 7:36 am

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I love the smell of pussy, taste of pussy and feel of my tongue deep inside pussy.



author51 56F  
77635 posts
6/4/2017 7:15 am

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I have never smelled any but my own as I AM INTO MEN.Good hygene for me is a must.On both myself and the scent of a man.....

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

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