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MissCinders 53F  
1338 posts
5/17/2017 9:21 am

No reason to feel bad about it. Chemistry and attraction have to exist and it cant be forced. I am the same way. I just say "I am not drawn to you." Although that answer is usually followed by "why not" or "what are you looking for"? Unfortunately, have to block after that.

gardenboy321 55M  
39876 posts
5/17/2017 10:03 am

I need to be attracted to a face as well. I think your reply back is the right one.

Thoughts from the Garden...

SnakeBiteB 48M
50 posts
5/17/2017 11:05 am

I have found in life that there are many women attracted to me. But there are also some that are not. I know I am not Brad Pitt. haha So what you replied gets the message across. Don't be put off by some guys not being able to just accept it and move on. Mature, confident guys will do just that.

Heathen_G 60M
5514 posts
5/17/2017 11:44 am

Could use some sensitivity training ... No you don't. When those people [who contact you] take rejection badly, that isn't your problem.

I ask for a pic and he sends me one and I think "eww"!!... So? Nothing wrong with that. Even if you were to reply to their email with , "Eww!!", that would be fine , too.

I usually reply with something like "Thanks for the pic but you're just not my type."
... A quick "Eww!!", is better. Being polite doesn't always work. Stating your actual gut reaction , is much better.

That sounds so shallow, ... So?! .....What attracts you, and what repels you, is your business.

and perhaps it is. ... No it isn't.

But physical attraction plays a big part in dating and mating, right? .... Of course "Physical attraction" is a huge part in dating and mating.

This has always been a sticky issue for me ... Well knock it off.

and I would like to know how other people handle it. ... Doesn't matter either. You be you.

Some will tell you to be sugary sweet, because people have fEEEElingsssssssssss.
Some will tell you to be blunt and move on.
Some will quote that stupid dumb ass saying, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all". Screw that!

porterpiper1 52F
3709 posts
5/17/2017 11:55 am

You know what you like and don't like, How the other person take it is their problem not yours,every time someone send a message out to someone it does not mean they will get a respond or a hook up, and if they sit around waiting for a response well they need to find other things to occupy their time

redrockrascal 60M
19400 posts
5/17/2017 12:01 pm

"Thanks for the pic but you're just not my type." is honest and not insulting

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

funsmartfriendly 50M/49F  
2149 posts
5/17/2017 12:04 pm

How about just keeping it generic: " have reviewed your profile and think we are incompatible." If you want to add something nice, optionally wish the member well in finding a compatible matches. There is no reason to provide other details-- it just creates potential drama.

Han54boat 65M
11669 posts
5/17/2017 12:24 pm

Oh yea.. .. .. I had been told that few times. No big deal. Figure they may not be that good looking in real life.
Most of us on dating sites are little shallow. Life! Move on to next one.

Cum to my blog and respond. Have a great kissing fun time.

HasteBeatsWaltz 61F  
1372 posts
5/17/2017 12:36 pm

You was nice about as I was. Men who didn't like mine stopped writing. If in a im they left without a word.

Humans are the most dangerous animals on earth.

If only animals had the ability to know when to keep away from us humans they would be better off.

positively4you 69F  
3033 posts
5/17/2017 2:19 pm

I so agree with you. I never want to insult someone. But, if it's just not there, why proceed? I feel shallow, also. Not everyone is attracted to everyone. It's not always looks. But, that's a start. Men face the same thing if they are not attracted. It's just a tough scenario.

Gina_L07 62T
310 posts
5/17/2017 4:12 pm

I agree with adding more information. However be prepared to go the twenty question route. Sometimes it is just better to be honest unless they know where you live. You would hope that after a few polite rejections they would get the message.

mc_justmc 58M  
4341 posts
5/17/2017 4:57 pm

Isn't that what "doggy style" is for? I honestly agree, I've fucked all the fuglys I'm going to.

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