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3/5/2017 2:53 pm

ibiza know how:
What’s behind the picture that crazy Internet (and who was also banned from Reddit)?

Imagine a restaurant with a wall from which protrude of behinds, to the level of the patrons, who can touch them, smell them, and … eat off. It exists in Japan, at least judging from the photo that has been circulating for a couple of years. The idea was deemed too extreme even by the site Reddit, which has banned the post relating to the alleged Japanese restaurant where you eat the ass.


But then is it really so? Hypotheses are many: the offending photo is actually a scene from a porn unidentified, the restaurant … and there really is a game show.

Here, of course: the most probable hypothesis is that it is a game show, and perhaps there is almost hope so. On the wall of the asses, on top of these particular “trays”, there are photos of some girls, who are assumed to be the owners of the exposed buttocks.

Well, the game would consist in the association, from the customers, the sitting at the right girl. Do you know how? Sniffing … fart.

That’s right, the game show would allow customers, or better, to competitors, to smell – and eat – butts and then hypothesize the owner.

I would not do a wall of cocks hanging out either

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