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sensualtension21 44F
38 posts
4/4/2017 6:14 pm

without a doubt...
a very irresistible individual recently told me he had fantasies of suspending me naked upside down from a tree at an isolated campsite. i am NOT an outdoors type girl, but the idea of 1) being naked; 2) being suspended and 3) being in public nearly made me climb though the monitor. however, then he proceeded to describe how the shadows from the campfire would dance along my bare skin...and i forgot all about my hatred for camping

don't make me wait...come into my house...feel my body...
sensualtension21 - come take a peek...

camperdude_69 58M
3761 posts
4/4/2017 6:15 pm

so hot yes very hot having sex in the out doors and in public

valdezvicvic 61M
998 posts
4/4/2017 6:29 pm

I spent entire summers skinny dipping along the Russian River in NorCal and sex was a normal event, and private property, so no one cared. Girls seemed to really get off doing it. Great first date place.

Heathen_G 60M
7059 posts
4/5/2017 3:08 am

In the woods, on a table, is not actually "Public" in my perception. At least some place where the chances of being caught are high.

In the movie, "Crank" [2009], Jason Statham had sex with a blonde woman in public, Asian tourist were taking pictures and people were crowding and walking around. That's public!

Heathen_G 60M
7059 posts
4/6/2017 3:19 am

    Quoting  :

Anywhere out in the open is considered "Public" by Websters definition, but real actual public would be a place where the chances of you getting caught , are high.

Yes, you could have sex in [for example] the Acadia National Park, in a well open area, and that would certainly be public, but people are not likely to walk by, sometimes not even for weeks.

So really if you're gung ho on the thrill of getting caught, find an alley downtown, or a busy park. But of course, if you get caught, that can cost you.

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