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CowboyandaGeek 37M/34F  

9/10/2017 7:31 am

Honestly it was interesting - but it's not really our think. Would much rather concentrate on each other when having sex, rather than filming.

rusty20055 64M
511 posts
9/10/2017 8:16 am

I would have to have a different partner than my wife. Any volunteers?

BiggLala 47F  
26441 posts
9/10/2017 8:18 am

No, and I'm not [necessarily] interested in it. Like cowboyandgerk, my focus is more having a great sexual experience with someone rather than filming it or taking pics. Plus, taking lasting images are resevered for trusted partners, not random hookups...difficult to build trust when the majority only seek random hookups.

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zeke53028 60M
890 posts
9/10/2017 3:43 pm

I've done it several times with 2 different women. They were fun but I won't post them because I'm certain neither woman would want me too.

jenniferbee 33F
9 posts
9/11/2017 2:43 pm

Have done several with different partners.

babeegurl70 49F  
39 posts
9/11/2017 4:31 pm

I tend to only record solo action as I want all the attention. Don't mind being recorded with a partner as long as the focus is on the sex, not the camera.


couple4more82 37M/36F
17 posts
9/13/2017 12:16 pm

Watching yourself is fun and always a turn on

Thisshowoff 38M/45F  
3 posts
9/13/2017 3:45 pm

We love to film and take photos. We make it part of our playtime. We love to share our movies as well. We watch them too. Him more than me. But he is a voyeur and I'm such an exhibitionist
I think we video about every other time that we fuck. Its soooo fun.

Readmoreofeveryt 46F

9/16/2017 12:36 pm

Done it with three different men and a couple. Fun every time but surprisingly its the couple that screwed me outta my copies of it.

Femboi4fun69 26T
21 posts
9/17/2017 4:47 am

Yeah it always fun making videos but camera man would make it easier and better have video of me on profile

oldman1973 71M/34F  
525 posts
9/17/2017 7:32 pm

We have many home made porn vids but not for here, need a cameraman/ woman to vid for us then get their turn too

Depeer3 58M
146 posts
9/18/2017 8:09 am

like being filmed, it helps us improve, the sex gets better and better.

whore4bbcinmd 49M/59F  
48 posts
9/19/2017 12:07 pm

I only watch porn that we make with all the big cock I encounter

hclooking 48M/48F
37 posts
9/20/2017 8:54 am

Have took pics of wife ever videos she would not let me of just her and I think I'm to fat lol working on it

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