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3/11/2017 5:10 pm

Yes, less is more. Some people are here for the reasons you are, and others might not be. Rewriting your profile to attract those people that interest you will benefit you. I say people because your profile seems to hint that you also seek males, which is fine. Or perhaps you're married or attached. If you're also looking for males and/or you have a S/O then you need to be clear on that on your profile. I say all of this because you list yourself as single, but you make a point to say you need discretion. To women that generally communicates 1-also seeking men, 2-married/attached. I recommend l you remove mention of 'discrete' if you did not intend to convey that message. If you did intend that message, it's preferable that you update you stats section accordingly.

I suggest you remove everything before the section that starts with, "I like to meet new people and...." as it tells us nothing about you or what you're looking for. Your 'Ideal person' section doesn't provide any information either...other than saying 'I'm not too picky, I'll have sex with most anyone as long as they're discrete.' If that's what you intended, then great; if not, you might want to edit that section.

This is just my feedback and my opinion only.

Good luck!

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