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DoctorBooty 39M  
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8/16/2017 7:05 pm

Yes, its so rare to find here. Its very refreshing when you do and can connect with someone.

SingleItalianGy2 48M  
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8/16/2017 10:19 pm


Thanks for sharing your Blog. Welcome to A.F.F. where you will more then likely encounter more people from the bottom of the gene pool then you will from the top. That being said isnt it funny what we do learn if we take the time to slow down and observe. As you mentioned, many here give off the vibe or act as though they deprived or repressed sexually or socially. Attn whores for sure....screaming hey look at me. In regards to the site I call them NPGMFer's (<<< this is a SIGism and well be explained at the end of this post.

The real problem here like you stated are the people that abuse the site and just "Don't Get It". Obviously we are all sexual people other wise we wouldnt be here. As some above me have said, treat people the way you want to be treated and with respect at all times. That being said the site was designed to allow for exploration or as I like to further elaborate SEXPLORATION.

As a 19 yr member of this site I have come to realize that the best approach is to be NON agggressive, yet also probing those who pique our interest with detailed questions in a respectful each thy own tIn regards to the niche we find ourselves. By now we should know better then to trust eveyone and anyone on this site. As the number of DRAMA queens here on A.F.F. continues to increase.....there are some out here who are serious and worthy of companionship. and possibly more.

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