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s2ndegree 60M  
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4/17/2017 1:01 pm

The world is your oyster my friend.An answer I 'm sure you were expecting.
It really depends on whether you want to compete or just speak your mind.

If you can find a niche that isn't beaten to death like those Positive affirmation meme's or just meme's,E mail,chat or I M baiting,rants about everyone is fake or a particular gender are all the same, the call for membership to join crusades to boycott others due to differences of opinion encouraging censorship(blocking)
and polls or questions that have been asked or taken thousands of times already.

Something whimsical or clever.If you have a sense of humor by all means let it shine.Good deeds helping others.Stories you've enjoyed whether about your life or someone close.Just be yourself.

Using more than all the road!

funsmartfriendly 50M/49F  
2149 posts
5/8/2017 7:24 pm

Blog about whatever you want to blog about. If you're passionate about the topic, readers will read and comments will follow. Blogs aren't about "competing" so not sure why that should even be on your radar at this point. Just find your voice and the things you like to write about and make it your own.

One thing to remember is the audience here: a lot of horny guys, a smaller number of single females and a smaller amount of couples (like us) and transgender. We would recommend checking out the other single men blogs and making a list of what you like to read and what you don't like ... then see what's missing. What are other bloggers not writing about as much that you like? There's your niche. Run with it.

Oh, and we're happy to become your first official blog watchers Now get to the good stuff. We'll be watching

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