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hyperdog22 62M  
9 posts
3/31/2017 9:00 pm

feed me

amkamk48001 52M/50F  
261 posts
4/1/2017 5:29 am

I (male ) would have to say all the above...

spicy40n41 52M/52F  
10 posts
4/1/2017 6:21 am

My mouth or my pussy is my favorite

SouthGeorgiaCoug 62F  
108 posts
4/1/2017 7:42 am

I wish you would have added an all of the above option. I do prefer cum in my pussy though where it was intended to go!

A Cougar searching for cubs!

poohNtigger4fun 53M/53F
1 post
4/1/2017 12:34 pm

We love cum and cream pies are delicious

sixtrings 44M/40F
57 posts
4/2/2017 1:10 am


zeke53028 61M  
1027 posts
4/3/2017 4:49 am

I voted for the mouth, but really it's anywhere she'll let me.

margaritaville2 55M/52F
7 posts
4/5/2017 5:11 pm

Creampies with that kind of volume are sooooo hot. We'd take belly as a close second.

drives_me_wild 31F  
1 post
4/16/2017 9:59 am

i love to receive a massive load deep in my ass or fertile pussy.

nkdplaymates2 58M/56F

6/14/2017 5:14 pm

Give me a big load of hot cum deep in my pussy. Or a load in my mouth and pussy at the same time is even better.

harryfnc 65M  
82 posts
10/29/2017 5:07 am

I have done all except in someone's ass. best are pussy tummy and tits. With a good shoot you can do all 3 in one cum!

bipilot1 49M  
20 posts
12/12/2018 10:58 am

Deep in a tight, hot ASS cant be beat!

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