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trucking0_13 56M
2300 posts
4/1/2017 5:23 am

very nice

camperdude_69 58M
3714 posts
4/1/2017 5:36 am

very nice yes we all must be careful and learn about the people we meet here.
have a safe & wonderful day good luck in your search

KePornDick4rent 31M
2 posts
4/1/2017 6:40 am

Yes sex is magical...and its a journey too as you say to find a perfect mate or just a good person for yourself

nicebuttocks1950 69M  
180 posts
4/1/2017 6:50 am

Good morning lady: it would be nice if we were close enough to become physically involved!!!! I am married to a woman who has lost all her desires for any kind of physical sexual activity. She just doesn't want to put forth the effort required to even give my a blowjob. So - - - I have been without sex at home for over 15 years. Not good. A person like you close to me would be a welcome thing!!!!!

lgoweb 55M
20 posts
4/1/2017 7:18 am

would love to help you out with that..too bad you are so far you like phone sex?

BBWSusie 53F
3 posts
4/1/2017 7:20 am

I am so glad I am not the only one that feels that way!! I love sex so much.. and unfortunately and/or fortunately my hunger for sex becomes more and more intense as I get older. Hubby is not interested in sex at all, so he allows me to have playmates. I feel like when I don't get it, I am in the worst moods but once I get to have it, it completely controls my mood. It's kind of annoying at times because it does interfere with every part of my life. Thank you for the post!

Michaelmjblucas1 49M  
226 posts
4/1/2017 7:26 am

You are probably right that there are loads of guys trying to get their dick wet. Some men, like me, however, don't just think with their dick, even though we love sex ! Also, Some men are selective as well !

For me, I'm glad I'm sexually able and willing too! Sex IS beautiful.

Being curious and asking questions is a good thing!

scoupe42 56M  
6524 posts
4/2/2017 5:07 am

There are some who just like to get it wet, but there a few that with compromise, can make sex an on going thing. You are a person, I love to see on going!

billydixy66 66M
179 posts
4/6/2017 7:42 am

There are men and then there are gentlemen. Always better to be selective, the sex is better if the connection is too. Excuse the pun

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