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nicelipss66 43F
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4/7/2017 6:14 pm

Good luck. I hope you find what you are looking for happyf;

Check my Friend with Benefits post

Here is the link: Friends with Benefits Our Last date

aflower2c 45F  
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4/7/2017 9:27 pm

My paid dating sites cost just as much or more than this site, and it's the same guys on the free sites... soo
Don't just rely on one site, use the dating sites like the other men do, learn game and a few dating white lies and you will land a few hookups.

Little miss flower

Written from a small city middle of no where kink thinkin kinda gal.

after2night 46M  
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4/7/2017 10:10 pm

Good luck, I have done better without Paying, Of course now I can't read my Emails. I hear you can also use certain Gift Cards to pay??? I wish you the best, and Happy Hunting to you as Well.

Heathen_G 60M
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4/8/2017 3:18 am

I think with 20 years of internet hook-up capability and now with dating phone apps, there may be a burnout phase in dating. I may be wrong, however.

Like the old vinyl record made a comeback, so too the comeback of finding dates before the internet, I suspect.

But if you're going to continue finding women for entertainment online, use more than 2 tor 3 other sites. Diversity is the key to success.

Heathen_G 60M
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4/9/2017 2:10 pm

Ironidiot02 replies on 4/9/2017 12:45 pm:
I'm the same way when I actually give it a go at dating. Kind of a traditionalist you could say. I hate online dating as a rule because it takes all the interaction out of a face to face, or even a phone call. I'm actually fine if I don't find anyone, I'm not gonna hook up with just anyone.


I hate online dating as a rule because it takes all the interaction out of a face to face, .... The idea that "Dating" is online, is a common mistake most everyone seems to make.

"Online" only provides a place to find each other more quickly. Wasting time online chatting and catching up later, is not dating. "Dating" is organic, commonly sexual in nature. If no sex? Then there was never a "Date".

To back up that statement, I reference you to your memory if you ever heard a woman say, "That wasn't a date, we're just friends", or something like that. She's implying there was nothing sexual. Or she might have just said, "Eww".

or even a phone call. ... Yes, but you don't really want someone you have never met before, walking around with your phone number , do you? Always meet them as soon as possible [first]. If you can't meet a woman within a couple of days , then forget her, and move on, especially if she is at all attractive. Why? Because the more attractive women get more of the attention and validation, so basically you have lots and lots of competition.

Getting her "Offline" [the absolute sooner is best] is the best way, because now you're ahead of the online competition because you've gotten her into the organic natural arena.

I'm actually fine if I don't find anyone, ... For sure, the world isn't going to end.

I'm not gonna hook up with just anyone ... No doubt . We all have our imprints of characteristics we may be most attracted to sexually. But when you're hungry and some woman offers her bun for your hot dog , no strings attached, well .....

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