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HamburgDave2 76M
16567 posts
8/18/2017 12:54 pm

I have a thing for Feet

Visit my Blog Older but no Wiser and find out more

Summerheat77 58M  
25 posts
8/18/2017 1:16 pm

Love to lay you across a picnic table and feast on that sweet pussy before sliding my hard cock deep inside you. Leaning over and sucking those hard nipples mmmmm

coolcanbeaver 63M
205 posts
8/18/2017 2:19 pm

Welcome just4fn,
great start; I am voyeur and I have a preference for natural settings ..such as outdoors, sitting at a picnic table without panties...showing nipples at a bar etc.
I like your's natural...perfect...ty..too often toomuch exagerated boobs..ass etc.= turn off.

NJGUY08090 52M
2511 posts
8/26/2017 4:26 pm

Love to get flashed in public, Make love in a park or in the woods. I would enjoy sucking your perky nipples. They look perfect for nibbling on

southernswm 45M
4 posts
8/26/2017 5:00 pm

My fetish is petite women with smaller breasts but big plump gumdrop nipples, and long pretty labia

Cum_Happy 106M
2283 posts
8/26/2017 5:24 pm

Your nipples are so big and plump. Have you ever had anyone lick and suck them after ejaculating on them? I'd like to do that in public somewhere. Just the thought of its making my dick drip.

Here's a little tip -no, not my dick, lol. If you click "Quote" or "Respond" at the bottom of a guests photo, then answer, they will get a notice and see that you did reply.

Welcome to Meelp Blogs! Hope you have enjoy being here.

I'm a bit of an exhibitionist/voyeur. I enjoy the show and tell of blogs

baldbuddah1959 60M  
99 posts
11/5/2017 2:22 pm

I am 100% a nudist and a voyeur/exhibitionist myself also have a fetish of being in 3somes 2 men and a woman and me going last with clean up duties(no soap and water needed)

nudeone2 64M  
35 posts
12/26/2017 5:12 pm

LOVE to drive you around in my 18 wheeler NAKED.....and see you get out, and walk to the bathroom and back, for others to see you......and flash the other truckers, as we drive by them. Get out naked at truck stops too!

Summerheat77 58M  
25 posts
12/28/2017 4:44 pm

Love being naked. Have a pool and spend a good bit of time in it in the summer. Fucking in the pool is a,very interesting sensation ..

Cum_Happy 106M
2283 posts
1/31/2018 12:09 pm

    Quoting  :

Thank you, Jill! Very nice of you to say so

It would be very exciting to do such a bold and kinky thing in public. Of course, we would have to plan it in a place that is public, yet discreet. Somewhere that we could be seen, but not directly in the open where just anyone can see us. Perhaps a well placed car? Maybe outside an office window? Or in an alley, where a passerby could catch us? A few fun details come to mind that would make it even more fun and more easy to do.

You sound very nice, and fun, and I am happy to blog know you.
So how are things going here for you? Are you enjoying the blog, the site?
Thanks again!

I'm a bit of an exhibitionist/voyeur. I enjoy the show and tell of blogs

milfhuntkinky 56M
41 posts
3/11/2018 7:17 pm

I like nipple play ass play ,and anal, with the right woman maybe a little BDSM, blindfolds ,

SouthavenMS 61M
1 post
3/19/2018 6:45 pm

I wrote this question to the Memphis Film permit office:
I am involved in what will be an not for profit and unrated film. The actress will be wearing minimal clothing. But enough to meet state law of covered genitals and breasts areolas. The seen is simply the actress walking on a public sidewalk for a few minutes. NO sexual motions or ideas will be made in public before, during, or after the filming. Will a permit be required?

I will respond with their answer.

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