In her own Home.  

90percentchance 51M
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9/11/2017 5:06 pm
In her own Home.

She invited me in to her place.. a small apartment on the bottom floor.
We had talked about the DOM / SUB world and had several experiences together.

I started by collaring her and hooking up her leash.
We walked around her place and as i whispered in her ear to let her know
I mean business and she was being properly owned like a good girl.
I was full dressed like a good DOM and she was... Lets say,,,, "accessible". All of her body parts were readily available to me like they should be.

I blind folded her and had her sit on her bed. She was NOT ALLOWED to SPEAK. She can only listen and NOT MOVE.

I would sometimes get close, close enough to kiss her, but wouldn't. I would whisper in one ear, leave the room then comeback whisper terrible things in the other.
The anticipation was welling up in her as she sat there alone, blindfolded in her own home...

To me continued....

Give peace a chance.


Daddysnymphobaby 51F
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2/21/2018 9:34 pm

Waiting patiently for the rest of this story.... 😉

90percentchance replies on 2/26/2018 4:32 pm:
Re-enactment perhaps?

90percentchance replies on 4/2/2018 1:19 pm:
Yes Princess....
Daddy will have you in no time.

Hot2Hotti 52M
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9/11/2017 11:01 pm


mufdiver69er2 59M  
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9/11/2017 5:20 pm

give piece a

woop woop

90percentchance replies on 9/15/2017 2:20 pm:
Backwards for give Chance a piece..... Lol

la2469 56M/55F  
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9/11/2017 5:10 pm

Can I be in her place please?

90percentchance 51M
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9/11/2017 5:07 pm

Must finish this tomorrow.

Give peace a chance.


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