Starbucks Chai with 5 pumps.  

90percentchance 50M
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7/18/2017 4:08 pm
Starbucks Chai with 5 pumps.

It was a hell of a long day. Worked all day in 100 degree temps, did an event that night
and was not feeling the 2 hour drive home at all.
I stopped in a Starbucks in a last ditch effort to liven up.
After getting my coffee, i noticed a girl sitting over by the door reading a book.
She kept looking over it at me... This time I caught her checking me out.
I walked over and introduced myself.. "Hi, my name is Chance, What are you drinking?". "A hot Spiced Chai with 5 pumps"... I laughed.. "Where is your cup?" "Oh" she said, I ran out a while ago..
I had no problem stepping up to the counter and getting that drink going for her......
"Hey", I hollered, "Whats your name?" "Rebekah" she replied.... I had them put it on the cup.
After and hour or so of small talk, the place was closing..
We decided to go hang out in the back seat of my car and chat some more..
2 kids, a husband bla bla bla.. I confessed that I thought she was hot, and she seemed to have the same feelings.
I leaned in to kiss her, and she didn't back off one bit, in fact, she seemed to be even more aggressive that I was.
I wasn't long before she was blowing me and I had to back off to keep from blowing my hot load.. She flipped herself back to the passenger side, and lifted up her purple sweater over her head.. I was all over her at this point knowing I wasn't going to let her slip away. I fucked her from behind. Then she faced me, and rode me as we hugged and kissed passionately until i burst with enthusiasm and let out a huge load filling her pussy with cum and driving it even deeper with every pump.

We wound down a but, and laughed about how we had just met.

The lights we off in the parking lot, all of the employees were long gone and it was time to head on out.

We hugged and agreed to meet again sometime in the near future.

the next morning, I was headed out of town with the family...
My daughter reached up on the headliner of the car and said. "Hey Dad?
what is this purple yarn doing on your roof?" She plucked it off, and I said "i'm not sure, if must be from the last time we moved"

And I took a deep GULP and kept on driving.


Give peace a chance.


jmce28 35F  
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7/20/2017 6:45 pm


90percentchance replies on 7/24/2017 3:05 pm:
Thank you..

la2469 55M/53F  
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7/18/2017 4:44 pm

That's exactly what I'm looking for! HUGS XOXO

90percentchance 50M
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7/18/2017 4:09 pm

Yes I did last more than 5 pumps.... lol

Give peace a chance.


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