The Bookstore Bang  

90percentchance 50M
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8/15/2017 4:49 pm
The Bookstore Bang

I was invited to visit an Meelp member in the "before hours" at her store.
I was there early, to scout out the situation... Eventually, she pulled
up and let us both in.
There were windows everywhere and I could see out, no problem..
But can others see in?
The lights were off, so I'd have to guess, no?
She came at me like a lioness in heat.
We started kissing at the front counter, and it slowly moved deeper into
the store.
We were down the side of there store by the back windows, and there was a little chair.
I sat down in it and made her get on her knees and start sucking my cock.
She obliged and looked me in the eyes from time to time and that drove me crazy.
Her green eyes, locked onto mine as I am enjoying the slippery ride down her throat.
I really wasn't ready to end this session and blow my load, so I made her stop and kneel on the chair.
She did, Ass in the air and her head leaning over the back of the chair , I rubber her soft pussy in circles. and caressed the back of her head while doing so.
Reaching a little deeper I found her clit, and started to use my patented pincher move, Thumb on the inside pressing out and 2 fingers on the outside pressing in.
With my hand sliding up and down, driving her crazy.... She lost it over and over again until she was getting weak and shaking.... She begged me to stuff my now monstrous cock into her before I drove her completely insane.. So I came up from behind her and slid in so DEEP and HARD but her wetness was so much that she sucked me deeply inside her.
I pounded for a few minutes, I swelled up even bigger and I was about to explode She said Pull out Pull out, and I did, I launched CUM all over her back and the first row of books.... OMG, I HIT 50 SHADES OF GREY RIGHT IN THE SPINE! ... I was laughing so hard... I had to regain my composure..

Thank god for wet ones for a quick clean up.

People were standing out front because it was a few minutes past the time for the store to open.

I hid down the isle as she unlocked the doors and a flood of customers came in as I made my escape.

In an Meelp Chat later that day, I found out, she had her blouse on inside out all the way until lunch-time.... HA HA HA... OOOPS...

Give peace a chance.


la2469 55M/53F  
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8/16/2017 10:39 am


That would be so freaking embarrassing.... LOL

90percentchance 50M
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8/15/2017 4:54 pm

This was only one of many visits..

Give peace a chance.


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