Are we to damn old to have sex?  

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4/6/2017 11:35 am
Are we to damn old to have sex?

Is there a finite age that says no more sex for you. I know couples in their 70s that are still sexually active. I think it comes down to the old "use it or lose it" saying.
According to new studies, it is found that while the male seems to need more visual stimulus, porn or some aggression on the part of the sexual partner, notice I avoided using the "female' term due to a lot of males are in a gay relationship with the advent of the great "coming out" of the 21st century.
There is almost a direct opposition for the older female. It has be determined in scientific studies that when it come to sexual stimulation, the female is more cerebral. Finds reading erotic stories, hence the huge sale of Romantic Pulp Fiction with Fabio like male models on the cover. Perhaps reading allows the female to be able to be sexually aroused without being afraid of being caught looking a nude photos. That is my own interpretation of some of the sexual research into aging sexuality. Masters and Johnson did an extensive study on the subject. I have included that below.
Sexual response in the aging person (1966-1975)
Masters and Johnson were the first to conduct research on the sexual responsiveness of older adults, finding that given a state of reasonably good health and the availability of an interested and interesting partner, there was no absolute age at which sexual abilities disappeared. While they noted that there were specific changes to the patterns of male and female sexual responses with aging – for example, it takes older men longer to become aroused and they typically require more direct genital stimulation, and the speed and amount of vaginal lubrication tends to diminish with age as well – they noted that many older men and women are perfectly capable of excitement and orgasm well into their seventies and beyond, a finding that has been confirmed in population-based epidemiological research on sexual function in the elderly.
While many of our younger generation shake their head at the thought of, dare I say it, their parents engaging in sexual activities well into their 70s. I hope by the time they are adults, they have the knowledge of "procreation"!
So have heart you sexy senior citizens, sex is still feasible!


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4/7/2017 10:26 am

What wasn't expected was the explosive influence the internet porn industry has on younger males and the most popular genre exploiting older women.

It's not difficult to figure had Masters and Johnson had the internet to base their studies on we would be reading something entirely different. Waning Values and decorum might be more of the topic of discussion and research.The astronomical
amount of divorces has changed the landscape of the singles scene they were exposed to which by and large has changed human sexuality immensely these days.

Using more than all the road!

97471emailpal replies on 4/7/2017 10:32 am:
Very well put..Your comment just adds to what the theme of my post.


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