Nudist, nudist resorts and nudity: When the sun goes down!  

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3/20/2017 11:26 am
Nudist, nudist resorts and nudity: When the sun goes down!

While most nudist do not consider nudity to be sexual nor is there any displays of sex allowed in public, and an erection is taboo in these situation. I remember my first visit to a nudist resort, during the formal introduction, it was clearly stated that if the male finds himself getting aroused, that he should find a private place to take care of the protruding member.
And I am sure that many nudist adhere to the above statement. But I have to say that I got laid more while visiting these nudist institutions than any other venue. I enjoyed the feeling of being nude and was able to keep myself under control.
The people were friendly and open and on my first day there I was visiting with a couple my age and they invited me to their, we will use the term camp here, for a drink that evening. After a couple of drinks the conversation turned to more of a sexual nature and they made it very clear that they would enjoy a threesome with me....I don't believe I need to go into details, but it was a very enjoyable end to a perfect day.
Now I don't know if they spread the word that I was open to sexual encounters, because the very next evening I had a lovely older lady ask me to join her in the resort hot tub. Very relaxing, and soon she made it clear that she would like to go to bed with me!
Now after 25 or so years of being a nudist and in the swinging lifestyle, I did not once miss getting laid while visiting a nudist resort. You may find it a different experience, but I believe that we all can have fun while nude, sexually or just relaxing.


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azlyn4562 66M  
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3/20/2017 11:40 am

Nice thank you for sharing.

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3/20/2017 12:02 pm

Naked takes on Fun in Many Ways!

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3/20/2017 1:21 pm

I enjoy nudist resorts. I often go to Cap d'Agde in France which is both a nudist resport and swingers' resort!

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