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4/19/2017 3:25 pm

My wife has a stepson from a previous marriage and he and his girlfriend were living with us until the could find a place of their own. They were with us for about 6 months when the stepson got a wild hair up his ass and just up and left one day. No word where or what, leaving his girlfriend S. stranded with us.

She was a sweet girl and we referred to her as our step-daughter and had no problem with her staying with us until she could get her shit together. S. was a large busted girl and liked to wear tight clothing and low cut blouses that did not leave much to the imagination. And on occasions was known to wear short shorts or mini skirts. She wasn't really blatant about her sexuality but made it clear she enjoyed sex.

One day S. approached my wife about getting a nipple piercing and wanted her to go with her to get it. She agreed and after the piercing, when they got home and told me what they had done, my wife was not into piercing herself, and S. asked her if she could show it to me. Well, I got to see a very nice nipple with a string piercing in place until the hole healed. When she got the real thing she showed it to us again.

Now we were not put out or embarrassed by this and in fact seemed quite natural, it was not long after that she started to go nude around the house. Being as we were nudists ourselves, usually not at home with S. around, but that changed. We became a nudist family at home.

S. seemed quite content to not date or even go out at all, she stayed at home and we were a close-knit unit. It soon became apparent that she wanted to become sexually active with us and thus we became a threesome in a Poly relationship.

Now, there are those of you who will look down your noses at this, but as far as we could see, it caused no harm to anyone. And we were sad when she finally decided to move back to be close to her ailing mother.

Was it love? I would say that the three of us had a very loving relationship and still keep in touch....she has since married and has one little girl of her own that refers to us a grandpa and grandma.

Goodness, how time flies, that was 15 years ago.


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