To shave or not to shave your pubic region!  

97471emailpal 67M
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2/9/2017 2:25 pm
To shave or not to shave your pubic region!

When did shaved pussies become all the rage? I must have fallen asleep and when I woke up, 75% of our sexual play partners had shaved pussies and even some cocks

Call me old fashioned, but I personally like a hairy cunt! Not a full bush, but trimmed up nicely but more that just a landing strip. Are us men such Neanderthals that we expect hair down there.

My wife and I tried shaving our nether regions just once and found that we both felt a certain lack of cushion and the regrowth was pure misery. And believe me that is not my cock on my profile picture.....just an attention getter.

Some women and men tell me they prefer a shaved shaft or pussy so they don't have to deal with hair in the mouth. I guess that to shave or not to shave is up to the individual, but I still like hair!


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