No sex until married? Wtf  

AceoverEight 45M
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4/11/2017 12:28 am
No sex until married? Wtf

A couple of buddies of mine and I went fishing and camping for a couple of days. Not many women around, which is nice, except for some very married ones or ones who are just too lumberjack for my taste.
My cousin, who's name is Bill, is 18 and a virgin. Why he hasn't had sex yet is beyond me as he has been seeing this girl for about a year and they did this abstinence pact.
I don't get it. So you agree to stay a virgin until you are married. What is the sense in this? He told me that he loved her and he was sure he was going to marry her.
My ex wife was a virgin until we hooked up. She regrets it, as it led to her cheating on me a few times during our marriage which hurt, don't get me wrong, but I understood it because of my job at the time, and things just weren't there between us. I asked her if she regretted me being her first, or not waiting for marriage, or what.
She said - I wish I had fucked quite a few people to get it out of my system and then you. Maybe things would have been different, or maybe we would have ended things alot sooner than later. Maybe things would not have been that hard.
Maybe she would have known if she loved me.
That - made a difference to me. Sex is a communication.
So I told my cousin he needs to fuck her til they communicate hard or end this shit. He needs to get laid. I hope he takes my advice.

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