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A new experience they accidentally stumbled into!
Posted:Feb 28, 2020 3:46 am
Last Updated:Feb 29, 2020 12:42 am

The past couple of weeks have been long. Rarely have they had much time to talk, let alone be together sexually and intimately. Both had temporarily suspended temptations with the occasional self fulfillment, but everyone knows... that never quite satisfies an itch. It's not what we are really wanting, just what we settle for while we await the real thing. Mr. Heart has been working late, booked clean up to the end of May as of now and almost overloaded with work. Mrs.Heart has been in and of appointments and bidding new jobs. Most of her time consists of being in the office, handling past, present and future jobs and investing her time to marketing and building up their company they work so hard for. While Mrs.Heart is hard at work in the office and Mr.Heart is seemingly late getting in on most days. They decided extra help with the would be beneficial to the whole family. Needless to say today was extremely long and Mrs. Heart found Mr. Heart scratching that itch in the worst, yet best way possible. Mrs. Heart had been in the office now since 7am this morning, and the only break she took was around 3pm when the had gotten home. She ate a snack with them that the new sitter, Stacy had generously prepared. Back in the office by 4, Mrs. Heart was back at it. It was about to be prime time in their line of work and this was their time to buckle down and get as much work booked as humanly possible. Not noticing that the time had flew by so fast. Bedtime as well as dinner had already passed without her noticing and suddenly she realized the house was quiet and she hadn't even seen her sexy Mr. Heart this evening. She heads through the house in search of the man she loves and now suddenly is craving, anticipating the moment she finds him, fantasizing of wrapping herself around his body and all of the ways she's going to take him and give herself tonight to him. As she continues waking further through the house, she reaches the bottom of the stairs. Now standing in the entryway of their home, Mrs. Heart sees his tool bag sitting on the floor in its place right next to his boots as usual. Now, knowing he's home, she continues down the hall, looking for him. As she proceeds down the hall, she sees a trail of his lost clothing. Shirt, pants, underwear, socks. Now, even more excited and filled with anticipation and heat for him, Mrs. Heart, alert to the fact that her husband is now possibly naked in their room awaiting the moment to take her, approaches the bedroom. It's quiet, there are no lights on and surprisingly she finds it is empty. She continues out of the room and further down the hall even more curious and anxious of what she might find. As she approaches their kitchen, Mrs. Heart notices the lights are dimmed down low and that another set of clothes seem to be spread along the hall in front of the entry way to the kitchen.. . . Heavy breathing and what seems to be moaning creep into the hall faintly. Mrs. Heart examines the clothes and sees that they were belongings of another woman. Classy and elegantly laid in a stack was a skirt and blouse along with sexy see through panties and a laced bra. Now she really wanted to know, who was in the kitchen, no way it was Mr.Heart, he was a true man and honest. Where was he though and what was he doing? Quietly, curiously and discreetly, Mrs. Heart peeks through the opening to find a shocking discovery. In the middle of the kitchen, right on the island, bent over backward with her very own husband right there, was Mr. Heart with his face buried between the thick, naked thighs if this women and it just so happened to be their new babysitter, Stacy. Mrs. Heart could tell by looking that Mr. Heart was making Stacy feel good and one thing Mrs. Heart knew with certain was that he did eat pussy with passion and made her feel extremely good everytime. As Mrs. Heart secretly stood there watching him lick and suck on their babysitters, she suddenly became very hott! She could feel the wetness between her legs and the heat it was causing. Even though furious from finding them together, she dare not to give her very aware presence away. Mrs.Heart stays hidden within the door way. She's wet, watching him suck on Stacy and touch her as he caresses her small but sexy titties. His hands all over her then Mr. Heart, passionately lifts Stacy up and removes her from the island. As he guides her to her knees slowly but forcefully, and she kneels down to take his hard, thick cock in her mouth. As Stacy runs her tongue up and down his shaft she wraps her mouth on him as she takes him deep, slowly recieving him until she cannot take more. She then bites down hard on his cock making him shiver with pleasured pain. Mrs. Heart continues watching as she now begins slightly touching herself. Mr. Heart likes having it bitten and Mrs. Heart knew this from her own experiences with him and obviously this Stacy, sure was taking good care if her husband's cock and was doing well to keep up with how good Mrs. Heart took care of him. Mrs. Heart, still couldn't believe what she's seeing or has stumbled into let alone how much she's enjoying it. She wants to bust them but she can't, being hott and turned on by the babysitter taking her husband's cock so well and that her very own Mr. Heart was actually giving this Stacy himself willingly. She continues to discreetly watch as Mr. Heart proceeds with the babysitter. After awhile of Stacy sucking and teasing his cock with her mouth, she turns around to face away from him, she then, bends over with her thick thighs spread apart and sticks her fat ass high in the air, ready to recieve him. As Mr. Heart runs his cock down the crack of Stacy's sexy ass, he slaps it across her cheek a time or two playfully. He then spreads her open, spits down onto her pussy and slowly gives her his cock little by little until Stacy has all of him inside of her. As he enters his cock inside of her, Stacy moans in pleasure and Mrs. Heart becomes a little wetter and even more tempted to make her presence known. Stacy is being fucked so good by Mr.Heart that Mrs.Heart becomes unable to control and contain herself discreetly. She clumsily falls into the opening of the room letting out a unwelcoming Yelp, giving herself away to the babysitter and her husband, allowing them to now see that they've been caught. Unaware of Mrs.Heart and absent to her now very obvious presence, Stacy continues moaning and taking Mr. Hearts hard cock. Mr. Heart cautiously keeps up with what he's been caught doing by his wife, and although he doesn't stop fucking and playing with Stacy, he steadily stays watching his wife as she seemingly enjoys watching him fuck their babysitter. As Mr. Heart sees Mrs.Heart's enjoyment from watching him give himself to the babysitter, he then grabs Stacy up by her hips firmly gripping her into his hands, Mrs. Heart still watching intensely, he then thrusts himself into Stacy harder and deeper making her scream and moan louder and louder. As Mr. Heart watches Mrs. Heart, watching him closely. Mr. Heart gives Stacy his cock in a rough and wild way that neither her or Mrs. Heart anticipated. Mrs. Heart begins to undress herself slowly as she watches the two of them together. His hard cock sliding in and out of the babysitter. Slowly, down comes the dress, off goes the bra and then down slides her wet panties. Mrs.Heart, unable to take anymore, walks towards her sexy, sneaking husband and the babysitter. Her heels click across the floor sounding out with the moans coming from Mr. Heart and Stacy. As the echoing of nothing other than sounds of pleasure and the presence of the unexpected, and surprisingly fulfilling adventure they begun fills the room completely, Mrs.Heart approaches their hott naked bodies. Stacy, taking Mr.Hearts cock so well and him giving her exactly what she needs and wants. Mrs. Heart looks at her husband Mr.
Heart and with no words needed, she grabs Stacy by the hair, pulls her up, Mr.Heart, still inside of her making her pussy cum hard on his cock. Mrs.Heart aggressively puts her pussy to Stacy's lips. Standing there, riding her babysitters face, her mouth continues slamming and sucking Mrs. Heart's pussy and as Mr. Heart continues giving Stacy his cock, his wife begins to cum in the babysitter's mouth. Mr. Heart, possibly shocked by the way his wife's handling catching them together and Stacy, afraid of what will happen or be said about her job and relationship with the family, both, willingly continues on without any words or hesitation. Mrs.Heart breaks the continous moaning her husband is causing the babysitter to experience and begins whispering to Stacy How she's glad she busted her taking her husband's cock when she should have been working and now because she didn't ask to have Mr. Heart, will be dominated by the Mr. and Mrs. together. Mrs.Heart continues to tell Stacy as Mr. Heart overhears, that she has been watching the entire time from the moment Mr. Heart first had her laid on the island tasting her off limits, and forbidden pussy for the first time and it made her want them both desperately. Mrs. Heart then tells Stacy that if she does what she's told and doesn't resist punishment, that she'll allow Stacy to keep her job as well as continue to have permission to ravish Mr. Heart's cock on scheduled, planned days given freely for her to sexually satisfy her needs that Mr. Heart generously takes care of. Stacy agrees. More than willing to do whatever it takes to keep her job and even more for the chance to have her bosses cock again. Mrs.Heart tells Mr.Heart to remove himself from Stacy's pussy and to take the zip ties from within the drawer of their cabinet and tie her hands to the table. She is now spread across the table as he ties her hands above her head to the table legs. This leaves her spread open, tied with no hands and vulnerable to Mr. Heart and his wife. They proceed to do things to Stacy that she is barely able to withstand. As the babysitter lay naked across the table, spread open and dripping hot, Mrs.Heart begins kissing and caressing her hard nipples as she slightly smacks her with the close, wooden kitchen spoon she was able to grab. She smacks the spoon lightly across Stacy's nipples, making them harden as she lets out moans of pleasure and pain together. Mrs. Heart continously teases Stacy and punishes her pussy making her think she cannot take anymore, slightly smaking her wet pussy and hard nipples with the wooden spoon bringing her more pleasure and pain, she only begs for more. Mrs. Heart motions her husband, Mr.Heart to come into the experience and he then begins kissing,caressing and teasing Stacy between her thighs. Together they rub on her and play with her, torturing, pleasuring,teasing and pleasing her, punishing her pussy together. Each moment that passes, becomes more exciting and turns them on even more than they ever imagined. It was hot, how much each of them are enjoying one another. Together they continuously tease Stacy's body with kissing and touching her in ways she'd never felt before. Mrs. Heart starts sliding her fingers into Stacy's wet, tight pussy as Mr. Heart spits on and kisses her pussy simultaneously. He moves away as Mrs. Heart moves into his position and takes over, sucking on her babysitters forbidden pussy, filling her mouth with Stacy's juices from her pussy. The same pussy, that Mr. Heart was just so deep inside of moments ago. Mr. Heart touches and plays with Mrs. Heart's pussy as he gives her the cock she wants and needs so badly, the same cock that he had moments ago given Stacy. Mrs. Heart's mouth was now Completely focused and dedicated to pleasing. Stacy's pussy as good as Mr. Heart had done for her. Mrs. Heart continues pleasuring Stacy's pussy with her mouth and hands as Mr. Heart completely dedicates his cock to devour Mrs. heart's hott pussy that he knew belonged to him. Completely thrown off on how well his wife has taken busting him with the babysitter and how hott it is that she joined in with him and how they're now dominating Stacy together, Mr. Heart's cock grows bigger and harder with excitement. As they play with Stacy, Mrs. Heart tells her how to take it and tells Mr. Heart how to give it to their babysitter. Together they have their way with Stacy, sucking her, both of them satisfying her any which way they can or want and having her give and please them back the way they need and want. Mrs. Heart, now hott, wet and ready to , slides their toy inside of Stacy as Mr. Heart's face stays sucking her pussy, all while he gives Mrs.Heart his cock. Together, the three of them connect and sexually satisfy all of their urges. Stacy cums on their toy and into Mr. Heart's mouth as Mrs.Heart cums all over his cock that's exploding inside of her well pleasured pussy, filling her up at the same time. The three of them, unable to control the orgasmic bombs that are bursting and in awe of how good it feels, continue to cum hard together. Never have any of them cum so hard before this moment. Together, they were synced, physically, mentally and sexually. They were emotionally connected, to the point that they all cum passionately together. The unsuspected chemistry that the three of them created right in the kitchen of their home, was amazing. Screaming and moaning in pleasure the three of them feel hot and satisfied. The itch they never expected to scratch, became an urge they were now aware of. The three of them lay there together, naked, satisfied, shocked and breathless from their newfound love triangle, completely and hopelessly consumed with satisfying, amazing orgasms they experienced within each other, they lay pondering what they've done. Together, between them were three different relationships colliding giving life to the first experience of Mr.Heart and Mrs.Heart's first, shared and enjoyable experience with another within their own relationship. They were fulfilled with something they never knew they'd experience, or even want. Stacy was submissive to them and willing to give to both of them separately as well as together and due to her giving herself willingly to Mrs.Heart and Mr. Heart the way they wanted and needed her to do, caused them all to see life experiences with a new sense of sexual need and want like never before. The happy couple have always completely satisfied each other with no other help needed. Nothing had changed for either them as for they loved, but they now had new deep desires making themselves want Stacy as a , willing sex doll that wouldn't refuse them, nor deny them these newly wanted pleasures. Stacy, herself would now want and need to be the couple's goddess of sexual desires. Together they created a new fantasy that they can no longer fulfill without the other. Whenever and however they can, they'll dominate the willing, sex goddess Stacy haff become for them and together when and where ever possible, they would play with her and themselves as they scratch the itch they weren't aware they even had until it creeped in. The two of them itching with lust and passion for their babysitter, finally scratched the itch in the worst, yet best possible way...
Itching and urging!
Posted:Feb 21, 2020 4:18 pm
Last Updated:Feb 29, 2020 12:24 am
Together we can't keep our hands to oneself. His half is constantly hard and throbbing for her and her half is wet and craving him. We haven't slept much having the day off and needless to say the urges and itch sexually keeps growing. As she lays here while the words on this page grow, he strokes his cock in anticipation. As she watches him grow bigger within his hands her urge intensifies. Her pussy wet and ready for him she slides her hand between her legs. The warmth she feels makes her want him even more. She itches for his touch, the heat of his lips on her back as his hard cock presses against her ass. They've been at it all day and nothing has gotten done. Surely now nothing will and she knows that by the size of him and the hot tension their feeling. His lips move from the top of her back teasing and trailing down to her ass, he grasps her hip as he lays her down and buries his face between her thighs. She's tortured by his mouth and he can taste her cum and feel it on his face. His cock grows even harder throbbing for her tight wetness that he'd been itching for the entire time. He flips her around to her knees, smacks his cock off if her wet mouth and makes her take him as he grasps her hair and she swallows every inch of him he gives. She's taking him so good, he can barely control himself. He stands her up as she's still in the grasp of his hands, turns her around and shoves his throbbing cock into her hot wet pussy. He keeps hold of her hair as he thrushes himself in and out of her. He kisses her passionately and releases her. As he sits welcoming, she climbs onto him facing him and takes all of him into her pussy again. As her ass bounces on his cock and her pussy clenches it again and again she spills her hott juices all over him. He lifts her off of his cock and places her on his face as he sucks her pussy making here scream and cum more in his mouth. He bends her over and slides himself between her fat ass cheeks and he slides into her pounding her making her scream in orgasmic torture until finally he pulls himself from her pussy and bursts his hot load all over her fat tight ass... guess we'll let you know how tomorrow goes.

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