Submissive cute girlyboy  

Amher1982 36M
12 posts
3/30/2017 5:22 pm
Submissive cute girlyboy

Im looking for 1 or more guys who like cute girly boys too play with I want too submit and do anything for you too keep you cumming for a couple days in a row!!! Basically id love to be your girlfriend online for now and do anything you want sexually and dress like you tell me and swallow what you say I'll SUBMIT and let you see everypart of me inside and out ill evan do sexual acts outside in public so i get seen maybe like strip naked at bus stop and suck my dildo and fingure my pussy telling people who see me i love men and ill drink boys piss and sperm eat mens assholes i love eating shit only guys shit maybe ill get couple guys too let me suck there cum ill do anything and maybe you'll fall for me and we can hook up and give you the real me im truly looking for guys who want me to be your personally fantasy come true like i said hopfully more then just 1 male but atleast5 or 6

tongue4u2usenow 54M  
23 posts
4/6/2017 9:16 pm

awesome ass. Many things I would love to do to it.

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