Film Noir Album  

AnnaDolceVita 63T  
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2/21/2020 9:36 pm
Film Noir Album

Just a sample from my Film Noir album. I hope everyone is keeping warm and enjoying their favorite beverage. Sorry to hear the passing of Dyanne Thorne in January. As an actress, Thorne was known for her characterisation of the heinous international dominatrix and soldier of fortune Ilsa. Rest in Peace Dyanne.

AnnaDolceVita 63T  
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2/22/2020 11:20 am

Film noir photography adds a moody atmosphere with dim light. It can be a mix of menace, pessimism, anxiety, suspicion, dingy realism, futility, fatalism, defeat and entrapment. My atmosphere leans toward dingy realism.

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2/21/2020 11:12 pm

what makes that 'film noir'


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