Your a strange Animal  

Arnica53 59F
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7/5/2017 10:04 pm

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5/1/2019 3:16 pm

Your a strange Animal

I work in the customer service industry. And every time there are a group of

men and one man.... always one.... has to be the center of attention, always

the rudest and most disrespectful towards me. And i am a friendly person. He

takes a dislike to me and starts saying rude thing. What amazes me is not one of

other men in the group will call him out and tell him to stop being such an

ASSHOLE! Why do you think that is? Still have to shake my head about it!!!!!!

author51 56F
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4/29/2019 6:50 am

I used to be in Customer Service also and with the rude obnoxious ones, I would phone the manager and have them deal with them...

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

classicalrebel4 64M  
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7/6/2017 1:18 pm

It is the quintessential definition of being a man to be able and willing to fight effectively when necessary. Other men respect them for that. But unfortunately some men can't tell when they don't need to and/or just get off acting like they need to.

Please don't let me be misunderstood.

Arnica53 59F
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7/6/2017 11:40 am

Thanks for all your comments.... i appreciate them all!

positively4you 70F  
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7/6/2017 7:41 am

Short man syndrome, little dick syndrome, henpecked syndrome, there could be more.

nicebuttocks1950 69M  
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7/6/2017 12:32 am

I think you are seeing human nature. Some people(men included) just think they have to be blow-hard, aggressive, loud-mouthed, and profane. I think it is their way of being impressive. They are shouting, "Look at me!!!! See how arrogant and obnoxious I am!!!!" Why people have to be that way is a question that will never be answered.

likesfun32 49M
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7/6/2017 12:00 am

😂 😂 yep

camperdude_69 58M
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7/5/2017 11:24 pm

There is always ONE that needs to be rude!

atveffect 42M  
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7/5/2017 10:26 pm

cause as a man we think blondes are high maintenance and all they want is someone who has a lots of money so they don't have to work

TrucknLuvn 54M/37F  
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7/5/2017 10:17 pm

I used to work in retail management myself. If there's one thing I learned, there's always going to be that one asshole. What's even worse is that asshole who thinks he's funny. Ugh.

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Arnica53 59F
166 posts
7/5/2017 10:05 pm

And i still wonder about it!

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