What a view to wake up to!  

Aunt_Anne 58F  
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3/15/2017 5:13 pm
What a view to wake up to!

You wake up feeling chilly. Your duvet has been thrown off your bed.

You down to see your own Auntie Anne pummelling your teenage cock!

Surely you are dreaming this right? But it's so vivid, it must be real!

"Shhhh!", I tell you and give a big smile!

You are in shock as I place your dick inside my mouth and flick my tongue over it!

You know it's wrong, but it feels sooo good!

As you began to stroke my hair, I know I have won you over!

Yes, I know your is downstairs, but we both are getting off on the danger of being discovered aren't we?

You start to take control like the strong willed you really are!

You kneel over my naked prone body fingering my pussy with one hand and beating your massive engorged teenage cock with the other.

My hips buckle with with pleasure my nephews fingers are giving , and I say the words you want to hear!

"Come in my mouth!"

As if I could stop you!

I reach a tremendous climax just as your sperm explodes from your rock hard penis straight into my welcoming mouth. Teens always make the biggest loads so we could be here a while!

I've been sucking cock for forty years so I know what I am doing I tell him as I suck the last remaining drops of semen from my nephews aching cock and swallow it.

Now get dressed before your mom catches us!

protection19 60M  
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6/13/2019 4:40 pm

That was great to do it with out getting caught is so good.

cocacock190 36M
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9/4/2018 7:20 pm

mmmm so sweetttt pretty anne i love cum whit youuuuuuuu

i love this site

jakep128 22M
45 posts
4/5/2017 8:47 am

Can't wait to pound your pussy and and anus with my juicy young log. My plump young nuts ache to be emptied deep inside your freshly fucked holes. Your naughty little nephew sprays like a firehose.

neilcoates 43M
1417 posts
3/23/2017 2:39 pm

I bet cumming in your ass feels great

dreadl0cked 30M
1 post
3/17/2017 5:54 am

I want to be your boytoy! use me as you please

LimerickJohn 65M  
967 posts
3/16/2017 4:27 am

So sorry to have missed the first of your story but the conclusion is excellent. I look forward to reading more of your work.

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