Woman with more experience than her male partner  

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7/27/2017 9:30 pm

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8/14/2017 9:21 pm

Woman with more experience than her male partner

Is it intimidating to a man of his gf/wife is more experienced with most aspects of sex? What if he is older by 5yrs but has never been sexually adventurous? Would most men be opposed or feel emasculated if his wife/gf tried to expose him to or teach him how to perform things she likes such as choking her or watching porn?
Very intimidated
Somewhat shy at first
Willing to learn how to please his kinky chick

albanybob 71M  
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12/4/2018 3:56 am

Nothing to be intimidated about. It's something to celebrate!

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8/3/2017 12:51 am

Your right most men would be suspicious but before we committed I told him a few things and he knows I dated 3 or 4 people at a time. And I rockes his world from the beginning and tell sometimes I still have some tricks up my sleeve but I don't want to freak him out.He just laughs

BiggLala 48F  
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7/28/2017 12:52 pm

There are exceptions, but I think overall many/most men would be intimidated by and turned off to a more experienced woman. I think this particularly true if she's his wife/gf and she introduced acts or interests that they'd never done. He'd be suspicious that she's cheating and learned a new 'trick' from another guy.

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