Three is a crowd  

Babifac2016 50F
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3/9/2017 5:37 am
Three is a crowd

Does anyone else have a problem with married men? I politely tell them I am not interested in playing in a married mans playground. I have never seen ppl go from interesting into a dick so fast in my life. Maybe they don't realize that this never turns out well for the third wheel? But just bc I don't want to play is not reason to test me disrespectful as a matter of fact I am actually respecting those marriage vows more than they are. I just needed to know if othe women get this same treatment .

iwillravishu 55M  
68 posts
3/23/2017 4:24 am

There is no excuse for a man, married or not, to disrespect your preferences and decisions. Period!

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