Babyboo661 53F
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8/3/2017 8:32 pm

Well my first night on here has been an eye opener...I genuinely thought it was a site to find adult friends...but all i have received tonight is various shaped and sized penises...I have seen one before..i have two 25 yr old sons to prove it I was married for over 17 yrs and then straight into a 5 yr relationship...so being asked to be someones *play thing* for one night only is alien territory for me....as meaningless sex is pointless sex and not something i want to participate in...I am no prude...I was on Alt.com for a long while..so i am not shocked by anything on here...nor am i judgmental or narrow minded when it comes to all things sexual....but i have way too much depth and inner beauty (and NO i don't mean the beauty inside my vagina...i seriously couldn't tell you what that looks like as i've never seen it myself )....But i have as much right to be on here as the other members who choose to show all of their bits and bobs to 100s of strangers...it just isn't MY thing....but making new contacts and friends IS...as i spend most of my time online whilst doing various online interior design work....I am here to get to know people...and maybe whilst doing so i may find someone i have an affinity and connection with...who knows...i don't think everyone on here are just wanting to have sex with as many different people as possible in a short space of time....I will not short change myself by being merely someone's f**k buddy...I haven't been one EVER and don't intend on starting now...both sons aged 25 flew the nest last year...one to be with his girl in canada and one who lives locally...i am not handling it well...rather than feeling a huge HOORAH they're gone at last...its the first time in 24 yrs i haven't had at least one of them living with me....so rather than embracing my new time for freedom i feel like i don''t know why i'm here lol ...so it's my new beginning....and would be nice to have some new people in my life at this stage of my life.....Off to catch some sleep now...I am hoping to be counting sheep NOT pricks....but after seeing more in the last 3 hours than ive seen in the 50 yrs i've been on this earth i'm guessing i will be seeing the latter Will do a second blog after my time on here tomorrow...Goodnigh y'all

Yours_4A_knight 55M
1297 posts
8/4/2017 2:31 am

The problem with this site seems to be that it is a place for some people who are never very good to be at some of their worst, I hope that you choose to stay and give it a chance, maybe even one that it does not deserve, it would be great to have another attractive woman who is looking for an enduring sexual relationship, even if you are so far from myself.

Not the Whole Truth but the truth that I can see.

Babyboo661 replies on 8/4/2017 8:36 am:
Ultimately i am looking for an enduring relationship....other wonderful things like intimacy follows that...I love sex as much as anyone else...but i have to feel close to the person i am intimate with...but on here it doesn't even seem to matter or taken into consideration whether you even KNOW that person lol....Is it so wrong that it makes me feel almost like guys on here are looking for a FREE hooker service lol Thankyou for the comment...it's much appreciated

Ienjoythetaste 71M
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8/4/2017 3:07 am

Hopefully you have now got all the pricks and those pictures that will flood in at the beginning and can now make contacts and friends with those you want to.

When you blog again add a comment to make the post appear in the "Recent Post" section.

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Much like this site

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Babyboo661 replies on 8/4/2017 8:38 am:
Thankyou kind sir...for the comment and the advice...much appreciated

goodatpoetry2 70M
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8/4/2017 4:40 am

You'll get used to it if you stay around. . Just ignore the pics.
Good luck with your blog.

Babyboo661 replies on 8/4/2017 8:42 am:
I will take that advice on board...so thankyou...I aint going anywhere yet...I'm not a quitter and definitely not easily intimidated by anything or anyone...so i shall continue my search on here blindfolded because the dick pics are a tad distracting lol

GreenEyedLady_60 60F  
1894 posts
8/4/2017 10:03 am

Best of luck on here....and I totally understand your "aggravation" with all the penises. It gets a bit overwhelming and a bit ridiculous. The emails we women sometimes receive can be a real eye opener as well. Some very nice and some rude and crude. Just try to take it with a grain of salt and the site as a bit of entertainment.

I too am not looking to be a booty call or anything close. I'd love to eventually find a LTR, but don't know if that will happen from being on here. Possible I suppose, since I have communicated with some nice men.

You are a beautiful woman...so I'm sure there will be interest from some nice men looking for a good woman.

Best wishes in finding what you are looking for!!

Be Honest..Be Sincere...Be REAL

Babyboo661 replies on 8/4/2017 10:39 am:
What a wondeful comment lovely lady....i appreciate every word....every word has been digested and it will help me loads as i move forward on here....i totally agree with the BE HONEST...BE SINCERE...and BE REAL part...i would add on the end *REMAIN TRUE TO YOURSELF*..Which i have never wavered from....You made me smile inside and out...so thankyou SO much and Ditto that i hope you find someone genuine and not just looking for a roll in the hay TOO x

karlanthony5 42M
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8/4/2017 11:55 am

I'll be Devil's advocate

Meelp is a site where people are looking for Friends with Benefits (hence the "Hook up, find sex or meet someone hot now" tagline at top left of screen)
I think that's fine if it is what both parties want

If you don't want to "short change yourself by being someone's fuck buddy" but are maybe looking to widen your social circle and meet new friends, then something else like Meetup.com would be more suitable for you

Best wishes


Babyboo661 replies on 8/4/2017 2:06 pm:
Thanks for your input Karl but what's *more suitable for me* is my decision and choice to make...nobody elses

BULL_4_HOTWife 37M
915 posts
8/4/2017 6:44 pm

True ...very well said!

I am sure..you might be getting tons of just one word "hi" mails with lots of dicks pics attached to it..lol

Off course we not all here are to find partner , down our trouser and jump into bed immediately..we are here to made a connection and comfort zone and then take things as life whatever offers

And yeah the perfect blending of Words at your blog really makes your post worth readable


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Babyboo661 replies on 8/5/2017 6:50 am:
Thankyou kind lady...As long as you and everyone else realise that i am only putting my slant on things in my blogs....I am not judging or slating people who hae a different slant and choose to do things differently to me...each to their own....it's what makes us all individuals....but while i am on here i want everyone who contacts me to know what kind of person i am....for example yesterday was only my second day on the site..but after an initial message from anyone...i could at least say *before you send another message please read my blog...if you don't take the time to do so...then you are wasting my time as well as yours*...So yesterday was a million miles away from the day before on here for me...i never thought *what the f**k...what does he think i am* lol....I felt better equipped and prepared..which made everything feel way more comfortable and relaxed...knowing i had made it clear to everyone who could be arsed to read my profile...that i am NOT on here looking fo seedy one nighters of unadulterated naughtiness....there is way too much substance to me for that alone...I have way more to give a person than what's between my legs...there is nothing on this earth better than having your mind seduced...i prefer it to having my body ravaged,,,and for me the latter doesn't even happen unless the first has been achieved....Thankyou for your kind words of encouragement...they mean a lot to me lovely lady x

lyavu 47F  
1323 posts
8/5/2017 6:10 pm

I like

Babyboo661 replies on 8/5/2017 6:56 pm:
Glad to hear you like

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