justification for higher education  

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7/3/2017 3:24 pm
justification for higher education

As I walked along the sidewalk on my way home from class, I heard my phone ping in my hand. Pulling it up, I read the message, simple directions, and quickly followed them, intrigued. I walked into the empty classroom to find my professor standing behind a podium, shuffling papers. Flicking his eyes up at me, he scanned the length of my body taking in my outfit. "Good" he said, "you wore a dress today, that should make this easy." Cocking my head in confusion, "make what easy?" I asked. He merely smiled at me and beckoned me towards him. As I walked towards him I noticed a long, phallic object resting in his hand. He held it out to me, so I took it from him. Looking at it, I realized it was a vibrator. "What on earth is this for?" I asked him. "Your pussy, my dear" he answered. "Come around, would you?" He asked me, giving me no time to respond, just grabbing my hand and pulling me until I was behind the podium. He turned me, bending me slightly so that my hands were braced on the chalkboard and my ass was slightly lifted towards him. Spreading my legs apart with his foot, he reached under my skirt and, fingering my thong, ripped it. Tucking the scraps into his pocket, he reached back under, this time running his fingers up and down the length of my slit. Putting his mouth to my ear, "do you like it when I fuck you with my fingers?" he asked. Breath hitching, I could only nod as I tensed, willing him to run his fingers over my clit. Reaching up, with no warning, he plunged his fingers into my pussy, thrusting them in and out, giving me no time to adjust. Over and over he fingered me, occasionally flitting the pad of his thumb over my clit teasingly. My moans filled the empty classroom as my hips began to thrust to meet his fingers. As I felt my body clamp around his hand, he suddenly pulled out, stopping just short of my orgasm. "Hey" I yelled. He merely chuckled at my frustration. grabbing the vibrator, he inserted it into my pussy until it was as deep as it would go. Giving my pussy a quick slap, he lowered my skirt back down and stepped away. "Go and sit in the first row" he commanded. I looked at him in confusion and went to do what he said. As I took the first step, I felt the vibrator deep within me and clenched around it, each step sending a jolt through my groin. I felt my nipples pebble with lust. I sat down slowly behind the desk, very aware of my bare ass against the seat of the chair. "What do you want me to do now, Professor Allen?" I asked. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small remote, tiny enough to fit in his hand without being noticeable. Pressing a button, I felt my pussy tighten as the vibrator roared to life inside of me. As it vibrated and pulsed, I felt myself begin to writhe with the pleasure of it, but as soon as I moved, the vibrating stopped. "You cannot move" my professor ordered. "You have to sit still". Barely a second later, the door to the room slammed open, and students began piling in. As class started, I sat, immobile at my desk, sure that everyone around me could tell my dirty little secret. As Professor Allen taught his class, I felt the vibrations begin again. As I struggled to stay still, I could feel moans building up inside of me. Catching my eye, he shook his head, almost as if he knew the thoughts going through my head. Biting my lip, I held in my moans, the knowledge that we were surrounded by people while a vibrator buzzed away in my pussy making me wetter than I even knew possible. As I began to climb again towards orgasm, I felt him adjusting the settings of the vibrator. I was positive the people behind me could hear it buzzing. As the vibrator began its lightning speed, Professor Allen met my eye and smiled. He knew exactly what he was doing to me. I looked around noticing that there was no one in the row beside me. The people behind me couldnt really see as the desk was obscuring their view. Smiling to myself, I decided that two could play this game. Leaning back so that my pussy was even more obstructed from view, I reached down under the desk and fingered the hem of my dress. Waiting until Professor Allen turned back to me, I stared him down and slowly lifted the hem until my glistening pussy was exposed to his gaze. His eyes flashed, in anger or arousal I couldnt tell, but either way it spurred me on. Reaching down again, I felt until I found my clit. Giving it a few rubs and tugs, I felt his gaze bore into me as if he couldnt take his eyes off of me. He moved to stand behind the podium, causing me to grin in triumph. He hadnt seen anything yet. Sliding my hand down, I grasped the end of the vibrator and slowly, achingly, pulled it out until the head was at my entrance. Maintaining eye contact, I began to thrust it back in. And out. And in, gaining speed with each stroke. Pounding myself with the vibrator, I was positive that the students could smell my arousal, could hear the wet sucking noise my pussy was making as it took the vibrator deep. I saw Professor Allen fold his hands on the podium in front of himself, leaning into them as if to relieve pressure. Giving him a wicked grin, I spread my legs to give him a better view, the new angle allowing the vibrator even further access to my pussy. His voice grew tight as he continued to lecture the students. I felt my pussy tighten almost painfully as I added my other hand back down to work at my clit. Furiously rubbing and pounding away, I closed my eyes and bit my lip as I reached climax. "That is all for today" Professor Allen almost yelled at the class. Everyone began piling up their books, and leaving the room. I closed my legs and pulled my dress back down as students came to the front to speak with him. Finally, the room was once again empty. grabbing my hand, Professor Allen pulled me through a door that connected to his office. Locking it, he turned me so I was bent over his desk. yanking my neckline and bra down, my tits were exposed, my already hard nipples hardening painfully at the sensation of them against the cold wood. Flipping my skirt up, he spanked my ass, once, twice, three times. Reaching down, he pulled down his zipper and unbuttoned his pants, his dick springing to life. Running his fingers through my pussy juice, using it to coat his cock. Leaving the dildo inside my pussy, he set it to the highest vibration. Taking his dick, he slapped it against my pussy over and over until finally he set it at my asshole, pushing it inside with small thrusts. Once he was in to the hilt, he withdrew almost all the way and slammed back into me. Grabbing the dildo, he began moving it in and out of my pussy in time with his dick in my ass. I felt him spank me as he thrust deep. Felling myself tense, I came as he slammed his cock in and out of me. Not relenting, he continued pounding me as I lost the ability to hold myself up. Flat against his desk he continued fucking me until I felt myself cresting again and again. Finally, when I thought I could take no more, he pulled the vibrator out along with his dick. dragging me up, he forced to my knees facing him. Taking his dick in his hand, he guided himself to my mouth. I instinctually opened for him. Unceremoniously he thrust it deep into my throat holding my head there until I began to gag. "Swallow" he ordered. I began swallowing around his dick. He started thrusting in and out until finally I felt his hot cum spurt down my throat. "Take it all you fucking slut, you know you like that". Once he was finished, he put himself back into his pants. Wiping my mouth, I pulled my bra and dress back up. Turning me around, he gave me one last spank. With no panties to catch it, I felt my juices begin to flow down my legs. Clenching them together, I turned back to him. As I opened my mouth to say something, I heard a knock on another door I hadnt even noticed, one we didnt have locked. Glaring at him, he merely smiled, "The thought of being caught is fucking hot" he said. He went over to the door, and opening it, turned to me. "Alright, well, I will go back over your paper, and give it back to you Monday, have a nice night" he smiled at me. Letting the other student pass me, I gave him a quick look. "See you next week Professor."

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7/10/2017 2:11 pm

LOL....thanks...I hope it was a good one....just added another thought...

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Off to masturbate now...

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