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6/20/2017 12:25 pm
bi harmony

It promised to be a sensual evening, with all of us evidently randy as we came through the door shaking off the cool and anticipating the heat to come. A slow start it was, languished with the stripping of day clothes, showers and donning of sexy clothes. E's lace dress, revealing and concealing at the same time, promised more to come. The sweet way she gave S that sexy jive dress added with her bobby socks, gave her an air of naughty and nice. She was thrilled as she flounced her hips on the way to the bedroom.

M's arousal was evident as his cock poked his way to the bed. We all scrambled up to spread our bodies across the high bed to ensure each had access to the other both visually and physically and our hands got busy. The stroking, fondling, slow enjoyment of the moment, knowing what was to follow just added to the underlying arousal we all were feeling and showing in subtle and not so subtle ways, cocks hardening, nipples engorging, toes curling, legs twitching under gentle hand stroking, eyes glistening with growing lust. M could not take it anymore and stripped off his boxers to reveal his hard cock. I followed suit, or rather my birthday suit. Naked, we enjoyed each other's stiff cocks. S peeled off her dress and panties, and E hiked up her dress to her thighs to reveal the treasures in the valley of her clef.

Lying on my back, M sucked my cock making it stiffer and throbbing in his hot mouth. His hips were swiveling as he pulled it deep in his mouth. My moans of pleasure increased as E fingered my ass, you naughty lady, knowing my weakness and desires. My thrusts in time with her fingers in my ass pushed my cock deeper into M's mouth as his moans added to mine. The wicked look in E's eyes betrayed the lust she felt finger fucking me.

M was aroused and wanted me to fuck him, sliding a condom on my cock, lubing his ass and my cock, we tried to keep me hard enough to slide into him, but alas, I wasn't able to stay hard enough, but I was so aroused. I still wanted him to fuck me.

He responded with his cock getting harder, as he slipped on a condom, luring us both, E's finger preparing my hole for him to slide in. I was on my back as he tried to open my hole with his cock. E's grip on my hardening cock was tight and drove my desire even more.

As E helped me get on all fours, my ass in the air, ready to be penetrated, E helped him guide that hard cock into my tight fuck hole. My squeals of pleasure escaped from my mouth as he pumped my ass with hard strokes. E were stroking my cock just as hard with her hand. I was in ecstasy with both sensations, crying out in pleasure, asking him to fuck me, to drive that hard cock deep inside me. I felt it throbbing in my ass, delighting in how E was pumping my cock which added to my thrusts back and forth, E leaning over me, urging me on with her moans and cries of lust as she watched and felt how turned on we all were.

My series of ass-gasms sent shudders through me, and E's hand pulled them out of my cock as it exploded with cum, adding with my song of expletives and moans. Then M's body shivered as his orgasm started to build and he climaxed sending spasms through all of us.

I could hear him panting, E's heavy breathing and my moans all blending in a chorus of lust fulfilled. S was wide-eyed, surprised and enthralled by her own voyeurism.

After that, we all needed a breather to recover from where our lust had taken from us physically and mentally.

As we came back after a break, M and I spied on S and E sprawled across the bed and each other in a sensual repose. As he and I spoke of how intense it had just been, we watched the two of you gently savouring each other.

I joined the ladies to softly fondle both S and E, stoking legs, across breasts, buttocks, thighs, watching both of their growing arousal. I could not resist the temptation of two lovely cunts with increasing moistness, knowing how it was impossible not to dip my tongue in their different fragrances. As I spread E's legs, the perfumed aroma of her pussy filled my nostrils and enticed my mouth onto her cunt.

My tongue lapped up all the flowing juices that had been accumulating over the evening, as l tried to capture all of that luscious sweetness. My lips wrapped around her hard clit and I was rewarded with E's mount pushing into my mouth and her thighs grasping my head, urging me to tongue her harder and harder.

I watched E play with S as I pleasured you; I wanted to taste her too, sliding my mouth from E's pussy to her twat which evoked a gasp from her. E continued to play with her as I buried my mouth in S's cunt to quench my thirst for sweet nectar flowing from an aroused woman. Grasping her ass, I pulled her into my mouth and felt her shudders and desperate squirming to have her clit push out and up. Both of them were deliciously spicy feasts of liquid lust dripping on my tongue.

As I stepped back, E slid over to take my place with her mouth on S's mound. E positioned her to open her pussy wide to E's ministrations as she lapped up S's juices that were flowing so copiously into E's mouth. E's moans were evidence of how delectable a feast she was enjoying.

My eyes were treated to such a wonderful sight of E burrowing her face between S's thighs and E's sweet lovely ass perked up in the air, how could I not resist taking advantage? Sliding first a finger, then more, I stoked, then pumped E's pussy with my fingers, feeling her juices coating them, her hips dancing to the tune of lust grasping my fingers with her cunt muscles to pull them into herself, driving her to the edge, as E transmitted that sexual energy through her body to her mouth on 's clit and they both trembled in orgasms that rippled across both their bodies.

E was still catching her breath when she grabbed a condom and slid it over my cock and straddled me into her as I lay on my back. E rode me hard and put that wonderful finger into my ass which caused me to buck harder and ram my cock deeper into he. Watching E's face as we pumped each other was a feast for my eyes; no way would I ever shut them when I could see the rapture in her eyes, the curl of her lips, the flush of passion across her entire face.

The sounds of our bodies slapping together melded with the song E's tits were singing as they danced to our rhythm, as we lost ourselves in such forceful fucking. Our cries, words, breathing created such a song of lust and passion. My fingers found her clit and wrapped around it pulling, teasing, pinching, I felt it grow and throb as her hips swivelled more and more rapidly as she got even more aroused.

S and M climbed up beside us and she riding him matched our passion, we spurred each other on in a wide gallop across the bed. The waves of four bodies pounded up a great surf of fucking waves that brought all of us to the edge over and over. Moans of pleasure gave way to cries of orgasms crashing on the bed.

As I slid out of E and S rose from M, he rolled onto and into E. I watched the two of them fucking each other; their ass-buds were just too much of a temptation. Lubing my fingers, I was able to finger fuck both of them in the ass, adding to their stimulation and increasing the intensity of both as their thrusts grew in vigour. I could feel the spasms in M's ass as I felt his cock with my finger in E's ass as it fucked her pussy over and over. My finger tingled with the little shocks that emigrated from both of them as they rushed to orgasms, squeezing my fingers in both their asses in spasms of pleasure.

After that, we were satiated and a little surprised that it had been just over an hour. We had been so immersed in such intensity, so easy to submit to our desires in such an easy way. It was not rushed, but the mood had captured each of us allowing us to surrender to such sexual satisfaction from all our senses. We were all fulfilled and still in anticipation of the next time we could enjoy it again.

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