Preferred way to meet the cuckold?  

BountyShared 54M/52F  
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12/11/2016 10:11 am
Preferred way to meet the cuckold?

My hubby wants to watch me fuck another man. I get to choose who I fuck. We plan to meet someone in a hotel bar and if the chemistry is right, head up to our room.

Hubby wants to sit naked in the corner and video the encounter.

So which way would you prefer to meet my hubby?
In the bar? Before we head up to my room.
In the room? Before we begin.
Afterward? Knowing he watched you fuck me any way you pleased?
Never. You don't want to meet a pathetic naked guy sitting in the corner covered in his own cum.

THIK8inch 53M
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12/16/2016 10:25 am

It's always better to meet in the bar first. You can all make sure that the sexual attraction and sexual tension exists. Have a cocktail, look into her eyes, flirt with her. The way she looks back and flirts back will let her husband or partner know that you will be ravaging her sexually very soon.
As important is to let the male partner know that you are thankful for the "gift" of pleasure he is giving you. Be respectful to him in public, he is an integral part of the whole thing. Make sure all parties are aware of what is off limits and what is expected. Be adults about it, and then go and have some Adult fun. I have played with couples before, and have had lots of fun being the "Bull" in the relationship.

CHSguyNextDoor 55M  
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6/2/2017 5:25 am

I think ideally, we meet in a bar, we get to know each other (all 3 of us), as the sexual attraction, heat, tension builds through flirting and eye contact, he accepts defeat and comes to know that you and I will be fucking soon - he knows that I will be the source of your pleasure, then we move to our suite nearby, we can let him watch if you would like - you can talk to him as I eat your pussy, you can talk to him as we fuck - look him in the eyes and tell him how good my cock feels slamming your pussy - let him know how intense your orgasms are - if he is jerking off, you can instruct him to not cum - frustrate his pleasure, make him wait - when you have cum repeatedly and are exhausted, I will cum inside your for him to see and he will know that that pussy was mine

BountyShared replies on 12/6/2017 9:47 am:
My heart is racing and I'm breathless after reading your post.

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