Communication is a good thing....  

Bull_4_U2 52M
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3/10/2017 8:14 am
Communication is a good thing....

So...., this particular blog is about communication.
When you are a standard member, you can not receive emails from other members. They are all greyed out so you can not read them.
So effectively, you have been banned from communicating through email.
Someone might ask why don't you just become a paying member?
Well, a few reasons. I've been a standard member here for over a decade, and that has been fine with me because I believe there has always been more dicks than chicks here on this site, and also their poor handling of personal information, and site security. The thing I have enjoyed the most here, are the Member cams, and the occasional crazy ass emails when I was getting them.
I've made a few friends here over the years, and we occasionally get together when time allows. The cams have become a kind of pay per view thing now with the point system with some hot chicks doing their thing. Not complaining, but I like the real couples, and women that do it for the fun and sexual aspect of it, not for specifically doing it to garner points for cash. I would think that more in the area of >Live Action>Live Models> in your drop down menu.
Maybe I might do a blog arch of interesting things I've noticed here in the last 10 years. Might be amusing...., at least to me. : )

You can't mail me, so communicate with me here in the comments section in this post. We'll work it out from there. ; )

Wonderwhy2014 62M  
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6/19/2017 9:13 am

If you are bi say hi. bjoralton at the gggggg male dot com

Bull_4_U2 replies on 6/19/2017 10:54 am:
Hi, Sorry, I'm not bi, but thanks for taking the time to say hi though. : )

Lovetoshare47 51M/50F  
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6/19/2017 1:45 am

Hello the wife and I really like your idea's

Bull_4_U2 replies on 6/19/2017 8:49 am:
Hi Lovetoshare!

Thanks for your comments! It's always nice when you're able to interact with someone in the comments section. Glad you like my commentary. : )
I have sent you a brief note to your email here.
Let me know if you received it. Also, sometimes in the evenings after 8pm, I'm on the Instant messenger feature here. You can reach me there as well.
Look forward to chatting.

Wonderwhy2014 62M  
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3/25/2017 7:34 am

Your pic looks familiar, are you bi?

Bull_4_U2 replies on 3/25/2017 8:36 am:
I am not. But that does not mean I don't get freaked out about other guys cocks around me like some guys do.
Never understood the homophobia thing. It's just a dick! Anyhow, thanks for posting! Have a good one!

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