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Why i LOVE to EAT!!! (Women, Lasagna, Lemon Merangue Pie, and other TASTY treats)
Posted:Jan 24, 2019 5:56 pm
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2019 9:55 pm

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em: ShieldOne [aTT] Tuta [d0T] io

I consider myself a simple man; i appreciate the simple pleasures in life.
One of those pleasures happens to be EATING.

The first time I ate my Ex-lover, for example, she tasted like Lemon meringue pie - one of my favorites! Of course, it was actually a mix of her perfume, her natural body oils, and my intense passion for her.

To me, there's nothing like the pleasure of seeing a woman squirm all over the bed; arching her back; and watching her grab the head-board or dig into the bedroom wall - embedding her nails in Pure Ecstasy!

My intimate encounter with a significantly older; but very sexy; Italian Lasagna connoisseur was NO exception. I kept thinking, "What if not experienced enough for her?" - i second-guess myself sometimes...

She ended up being about 40 minutes late to our rendezvous. "My stomach is topsy turvvy", she texted me. She was nervous. I assured her that she had nothing to be nervous about and that my demeanor was relaxing and

When she arrived, I had her sit on the bed and just talk for a moment. She started to relax. I knelt on the wood floor in front of her, started softly rubbing her legs, lifted her feet and started taking off her black boots; her black socks; and then her jeans and panties.

After kissing her inner thighs and hovering above her mound for a few moments, I plunged the tip of my tongue DEEP inside of her already-wet pussy...licking and sucking on her warm lips. She started breathing heavy with sighs of
"Oh my G0d" - a faint but noticeable utterance of pure pleasure.

Once i start down the path of Cunnilingus, I tend to want to do some deep diving; not coming up for air unless there is some sort of National Emergency or the Sky is falling. Don't bother me:

It should be clarified that I only this kind of attention to women that deserve it. This is the reason that I like to get to know a woman FIRST; on the phone; via email, etc.; to flesh out our chemistry. When we give each other attention on-line and find that we have explosive chemistry, everything "cums" naturally. When
i connect very deeply with a woman
...the love-making is PURE JOY. JOY is the key goal here.

"Two in the Pink and One in the Sink": An expression we used to use at Lake Havasu, California - describing the sex parties on our boats. I don't even think about completing my mission without having a woman enjoying both her clit AND her ass hole played with. This is what usually sends her over the edge and into the abyss of ecstasy. When a woman wins a ticket to ride my face, she is treated not only to some very good pussy eating but some exquisite anal play.

Finally, women tend to grab the back of my head while bucking their hips up, down, and back & forth. Depending on the woman, my face could encounter anything from small trickles of cum to jets and gushes...all running down my chin. I know that Ive done a good job when the back of my head, my back, and my ass are full of nail scratches.

Unless at a hotel room or Air BnB, we would to change the sheets - also a sign of success. That and an exhausted women...always ready for the next round
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Meelp Comedy
Posted:Jan 5, 2019 9:28 pm
Last Updated:Jan 13, 2019 2:44 pm
The pictures say it all -

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ShieldOne [aTT] Tuta [d0T] io

"Adult" Dating, "Relationships", and Jealousy
Posted:Jan 1, 2019 9:34 pm
Last Updated:Feb 25, 2019 9:35 pm
First of all, if you're going to join a site like this, you had better be in shape. No joke - vigorous sessions of horizontal; and sometimes vertical; motion takes its toll on the body.

Ok. I'm no "Spring Chicken" - so of course that would be my first remark on this blog post.

Question for [certain] women: Why are there profiles that tout such goals as "Looking for my soul mate", "I want to find the 'perfect' man for me", or "I wanna get pregnant"(Yes, that one actually existed).

Seriously. You ladies know what this site is for, right? I'm pretty sure men aren't looking to get married. Although I HAVE had married women contact me for some play time while their hubbies are on that long business trip - #LMAO.

As for me: I. LOVE. BEING. SINGLE.

Yes. I have met some BEAUTIFUL women that have "ROCKED my World". And, there are TRUE feelings of very DEEP connection - both online and off with some of them. But, the realities of statutory "law" and the corruption of the family unit remain at play in the #RealWorld nonetheless. Not to mention my private work schedule - pretty much a 24/7 endeavor.

Let me summarize by getting real for a moment. "Jealousy" is a naturally occurring phenomena - attempting to "stop" it is probably futile. But, if you care about the friends you meet here or anywhere else, you'll take some time out of your busy schedule to talk to them about it. And, hopefully, the ugliness of jealousy doesn't ruin a perfectly good friendship[- with benefits ].

With LOVE and RESPECT to all the ladies that have "ROCKED my World",


My FIRST time at Mon Chalet - or anything like it
Posted:Nov 18, 2018 7:01 pm
Last Updated:Jan 10, 2019 12:34 pm
It's Sunday night. I just now recovered from the excitement and the lack of sleep from Friday night - my very first night at MC; or anything remotely like it. So before I forget some of the more important details, I thought I'd jot them down for your enjoyment


I arrived at my friend's condo at around 6PM - she was wearing NO panties underneath her very form-fitting black dress. She has such a beautiful body, I couldn't help but pull her dress up over her wonderful ass to squeeze her hips and rub her all over while giving her a 'Hello' kiss - a very very passionate kiss.

Knowing that I was going to share her with others this evening, I wanted to have some private-time with her so I pulled her into the bedroom for some wonderful play-time. Needless to say, I spread her legs to get her very well-prepared for the rest of the evening...my mouth (and my cock) was soaking wet before we left for Mon Chalet.


My very thoughtful friend new I was nervous and assured me that, if I felt at all uncomfortable, just ask to leave and we'd go - she's such a sweetheart!

Once I got into the pool area and noticed that everyone was just relaxed and having a great time - sans swimsuits - I felt comfortable enough to strip and put our clothes away in a locker.

We slipped into the jacuzzi to join others...

Another couple came into the jacuzzi - an absolutely BEAUTIFUL older (aka MILF) Floridian woman with her equally awesome boyfriend (from Wyoming). We all made small talk for awhile and, coming from South Florida myself, we all got along wonderfully.

That's when the party really started - my girlfriend actually started it...

My friend asked another woman from across the pool if she wanted a kiss. That woman said "No" because she had a girlfriend she was committed to. Then my friend asked the Floridian MILF...she smiled and shook her head "Yes"


Sidenote: This Floridian MILF had the most wonderful smile with gorgeous full lips - that she eventually used to give me one of the BEST blowjobs I'd EVER received in my entire fucking life

So my girlfriend and the Floridian MILF (her initial is "J.") were having one of the most passionate kissing sessions ever witnessed by mankind. And, it wasn't long before "J." pulled me in to join. The three of us were tongue-tied for what seemed to be an hour of passionate kissing, ear nibbling, shoulder biting, and more...

..."J."'s boyfriend started to take her from behind as we were all locked in our passionate kissing.

"I just wanna let you know that my boyfriend here is one of the best pussy-eaters I've ever had.", my girlfriend tells "J.". "J." smiles at me, I lick my lips, and she prepares herself at the edge of the jacuzzi for some mind-blowing cunnilingus.

I love women with beautifully full pussy lips and "J." was a wonderful example of that. I swirled her lips and clit around with the tip of my tongue like I was playing a musical instrument - a stratavarius My tongue penetrated DEEP inside of her again and again. I sucked and tugged on her clit and her lips like I was a starving man - I could hear my girlfriend tell "J.", "I told you so...didn't I?".

Just then, "J." came...HARD...squirting into my mouth - enough for her jets to go up my nose a little. I swallowed every drop. Then I kissed "J." deeply with her own pussy juices dripping from my mouth.


Now, if you're a Dude and you're reading this; we ALL know what happens when we get a bit nervous and our sub-conscience fucks with our little soldier - don't even front.


"J." noticed how nervous I was and she swam over to me and whispered..."I give very very good head....please allow me to help."

Side note: Gentlemen, this is a wonderful wonderful woman.

All I can say is HOLY J3SuS!!! - I actually found a woman that really knows how to make a man's cock happy (besides my friend who is a fucking genius in her own right).

All I can say is that "J."'s boyfriend is a lucky lucky man - he's a really cool Dude so I'm very happy for him.


Now all of this was only the first hour of our six hours at Mon Chalet. We met other wonderful couples as well.

Say Hi 2 me: ShieldOne [Attt] Tuta [Dd0t] io OR K|k me at Californian1776

How NEVER to approach a man (w/ a few brain cells)
Posted:Nov 2, 2018 4:26 am
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2019 2:02 pm
Here's one of the texts I received this morning:

For all of you young "Princesses" out there - REAL men aren't going to buy you things just because you have a tight little ass, hard body, and a pretty face. Even that "50 Shades of Grey" dude has his girl sign a lengthy contract.

The last girl that I spent some quality time with out here that had a wonderfully tight little ass, a hard body, and a pretty face - was also an accomplished attorney. We connected on a deep intellectual level, had some wine, and...well...just use your imagination

So you "Princesses" had better go back to school, get your education, and create something successful so you can $poil yourselves!

With Tough Love,


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