I wish Jay would come over...  

CandlelitSonata 53M
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8/19/2019 9:18 pm
I wish Jay would come over...

I wish Jay would come over...I had been fucking myself with my Kong

dildo all day dreaming of Jay. surprise I get a text from him

telling me he is in the neighborhood and is gonna be by in a few. I

slip black panties on, shorts and a shirt in time for Jay knock

on the door. We talk, Laugh and have a few beers. The night goes on, I

am in a rocker chair and start rocking forward and back in it then I

get up from the rocker and ask Jay if he wants another beer as I get

myself . Jay makes a sexy comment about ass that gives me an

instant hard on and I ask him if he wants see more. Even before he

answers I am already unbuttoning shorts and slowly let them slide

down legs letting them fall feet. I pull the black panties

into crack and bend over... balls slipping of the panties.

Jay tells me he is hard as a rock as I back see he has pulled

his pants down eyes zeroing in on his big hard beautiful cock and I

can see that it is throbbing back and forth. I get butterfly's in

stomach and I want him in me so bad. I get down on the floor and pull

panties aside exposing smooth ass hole....I moan Jay...Fuck Me

Jay...Fuck me Baby......

Jay comes ass and begins tonguing hole then he nibbles at

balls while he puts his thumb in asshole...Jay tells me ...he wants

Fuck Me...and I tell Jaybo..I want it Babe

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8/19/2019 11:28 pm

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