Story time with the Captain  

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6/2/2017 8:38 am
Story time with the Captain

So we all enjoy certain things. I like to write, a great deal. Some things I write on my own, and some are the product of collaboration with a lover. This one is one if mine. These little bits of erotica are my equivalent of doodling on a napkin. It's just to enjoy. Feel free to judge the quality of the writing, but know that it's not something I'm submitting to have published. It's just something I enjoy that I thought others might enjoy.

I am in the store looking for something sexy for someone special. We walk around, and you help me choose a few things that might work. I don't know what will work, because you really have to see them on to know. You offer to show me what they look like on. We go back to the dressing room...and you tell me to sit. You slowly, teasingly remove your clothes. Down to your underwear you tell me that I have to close my eyes. Deep down I know I can't. I will try and peep. To make sure, you blindfold me. You put the first outfit on. A teddy. You get within inches of my lips with your mouth. I can feel your breath on my face. You lean in and your lips move to my ear. "Are you ready for the first one?" you whisper breathily into my ear. "Yes" I say in reply. My pulse is racing. You remove my blindfold and I take in the sight...You pull the blindfold down slowly. My eyes take you in. Instinctively, my hands start moving forward. You push them down, your eyes locked on mine. "this is my sale" you tell me. "I am the sales woman, and I just can't have you interfering with my pitch.". Your eyes take a mischievous cast. You reach down and grab a pair of the panties we picked out, and the pair you were wearing. You tie one hand to the chair leg with the pair we picked out. You take your pair and begin wrapping around my wrist. They were so wet! You were getting wet walking me around the store. You stop. "These are not good for tying. They have another use." you pick up another pair to bind my other wrist to the chair. "you see,I can't have you interrupting me while I try and close you on this.". You put your soaking wet underwear in my mouth. "now that is exactly what I had in mind."

You take a step back, and spin around. Damn does that teddy look sexy on you. I can see your pussy lips glistening just below the hem of the fabric. My heart is pounding faster. You see my cock through my jeans, straining against the fabric. You walk over to me in the chair, and you put one leg up on the back of the chair over my shoulder. You arch forward. Your dripping wetness inches from my nose. I want to reach my tongue out, and when I start I remember your wet panties are in my mouth...

So we were standing with you teasing me with your pussy. And you reach back and unzip my
pants. "I think I should talk with the decision maker for this sale." You reach into my pants and pull my throbbing cock out.

"Just a second... I think I should talk with him first to see what it is he is looking for here." You grin as you kneel in front of me and run your tongue around the tip and down the shaft of my cock. "Just as I thought. This is going to be a hard sale." You stand back up and take your panties out of my mouth. You put your leg back up on the chair. "Now you tell my pussy just why we're going to want to try and put this deal together for you."
So you reach down and take the panties out of my mouth. "Now it is your turn to talk." You shift your weight and your pussy lips mash into my open mouth. My tongue moves up your slit, gathering juice as it works its way slowly up. It stops on your clit, and my lips wrap around. A soft low moan escapes my throat. My lips gently vibrate. My tongue works it way back down, and works around your sweet pussy lips, darting in and out. Your head drops back, and your back arches, driving your hips into my face harder. My intensity increases. I am licking and sucking with fervor.

You pull away, my tongue still working circles in the air. "That was moving," you say. "Now back to the close!" You shove your panties back into my mouth. Your hand grabs my cock and gently begins working up and down. You lick your palm and work the cock some more. You undo my pants the rest of the way, and pull them down to my waste. My hips slide forward on the chair. You lick your palm again, and straddle my waste. You lower yourself down onto the tip of my cock, and gyrate your hips around it. I can feel your wetness, pussy juice drips down around my shaft, and down my balls to the chair.

"Oh my! What am I doing? We still have other pieces for you to see!" You put the blindfold back over my eyes. "We can't have you peeking!" you say. You switch outfits, to a corset and garter combo. Your breasts bare, you reach out and remove my blindfold, take the panties out of my mouth, and put your nipple in. "Now go ahead and take care of that, while I take care of something," you whisper breathily into my ear. I start running my tongue over your nipple while Igently suck. You lower your sweet pussy back down onto my cock, and this time, you take it all in. Your wet, tight pussy squeezing every inch.

"Are you a fan of this outfit too? Shall I put in with the first in the 'buy' pile?" My head nods
gently, and a "mmmm hmmm" works its way past my lips. "Oh goody. This sale is getting
heated up quickly!" you say. "Do you need to see another, or are you just going to take them all." My hips thrust forward, lifting us from the chair. "You've got me! We can close!" I loudly whisper, conscious of the others in the store.

You untie my hands from the chair legs, and throw the panties aside. You take the cushion from the chair, and lie it on the floor. I roll a condom down over my cock as you lie down across the cushion. I straddle the cushion, and pull your hips forward toward my quivering cock. The anticipation is intense. You arch your back, and I guide your hips down so that my cock slides into your tight pussy. We lock our hips for a briefly. Both of us shudder, the vibrations going down our legs into our toes. Then the pulsing of our hips begins. We rock into each other. Picking up pace as we feed off of each other's frantic energy. I grab you under your ass, and move your hips vertically down onto my cock, over and over, as you thrust forward. I drop you down onto the cushion, and shift my weight, holding myself in plank, dropping my hips down...thrusting harder and harder. Like a thunderbolt, I feel you spasm under me, and it drives me over the edge. My whole body lurches as spurt after spurt of hot cum fills the condom to bursting. You lie under me, gyrating your hips as each of our bodies begins to relax from orgasm. I work my cock in and out until we are uncoupled. I stand up and slide the condom off, and cum drips onto the cheap carpet. You stand up, walk over to me, gorgeous with your post-sex nakedness, and brush your lips against mine. "Wait until I show you our Spring Collection," you whisper in my ear...

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